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Pg. 5 Machining 92 MoldMaking Technology —— JULY 2018 Grid Encoder for Testing CNC Machines Heidenhain Corp. has improved its family of KGM grid encoders to better serve CNC-controlled machine users who require accuracy testing. The KGM 281 grid encoder is now available with a diameter of 140 mm and an increased accuracy of ±1 μm. The 281 model has a grid plate with phase grating that has an optical mea- suring standard. It is embedded in a two-piece aluminum holder. The design of this holder prevents the mechanical stress that can happen at the level of the measuring standard even if the mounting surface is not plane. This makes it possible to guarantee the accuracy grade of ±1 μm for the system. Users can mate the KGM 281 to the same dimensions as the previous KGM 181, but because of the revised mechanical design, it is 21.5 mm higher than the previ- ous version. These KGM grid encoders dynamically test the contouring accuracy of CNC- controlled machine tools. They can perform circular interpolation tests with radii ranging from 115 mm down to 0.1 mm at feed rates up to 80 m/min., for example, and they can also perform free-form tests in two axes. Heidenhain says that one advantage of the KGM is its contact-free measurement, which eliminates the influence of ball bearings. Heidenhain also says that the error resulting from the machine's geometry has no influence on the results of circular interpolation tests with very small radii. Heidenhain Corp. / 847-490-1191 / Marketplace Connects Companies Offering CNC Work with the Right Suppliers Orderfox Ag offers a digital global marketplace that connects companies looking for assistance with CNC work to companies that offer CNC services. Users create a company profile that makes it easy for businesses to find one another. Companies that are not at operational capacity can use to find new clients. The Orderfox platform has intelligent filter functions that help a company find the right work from among thousands of available jobs. Job details like contact information and company profiles are listed in the search results. Users can then express their interest in a business with the click of a button. It also helps companies who want to advertise available CNC work. Companies can advertise work and find the right CNC suppliers. Companies advertising work simply provide a brief description of the project, enter the workpiece specifications, upload any necessary attachments and the job will appear on immediately. offers users advertising work that has an overview with details of who has shown interest in a job and when. Orderfox Ag / 312-587-7699 / Machine Series Has New Control System to Increase Convenience and Ease of Use The PowerSeries machines from Wittmann Battenfeld Inc. are now equipped with the new Unilog B8 control system running under the Windows 10 IoT operating system. The company says that this control system preserves the advantageous features of the Unilog B6 but offers even more features and enhanced user- friendliness and convenience. Wittmann Battenfeld says that the Unilog B8 works with a Windows operating system, just like the Unilog B6, but is more easily operable. It has an intuitive multi-touch screen, a pivoting monitoring unit, and a manual operating panel in the central console of the machine. The screen shows a color-cod- ed status bar with "color traffic lights" that provides status of machines or integrated robots. Wittmann Battenfeld says that the QuickSetup program enables fast, initial machine setting with a new mold. The control system calculates the initial process parameter data set for fast parameter setting. The calculations are based on the material data sets that are recorded in B8 and the entry of a data on the molded part and the machine. The control system also has an integrated, comprehensive help library. The smart screen display, which can be partitioned, enables display and operation of two different functions simultaneously so that users can look at and operate machines and peripherals through a single screen. Wittmann Battenfeld Inc. / 860-496-9603 / VMCs Can be Connected to Form SmartProduction Line Okuma's MU-S600V five-axis vertical machining center enables five-face machining of workpieces as large as 600 mm in diameter. Several machine tools of its type can be connected to form a compact smart production line, allowing for a fully automated transfer of workpieces from one machine to the next and eliminating downtime between processing stages. The production line layouts can be adjusted to accommodate changes in volume or lead time. The company's Laser Ex line of five- axis vertical machining centers are capable of milling, turning, grinding, laser metal deposition and heat treatment of a range of workpiece sizes and shapes, and its Multus multitasking machine is for stable, heavy-duty cutting with low spindle speeds. Okuma America Corp. / 704-588-7000 /

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