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Software 8 MoldMaking Technology —— JULY 2018 Not all CAM systems are created equal WorkNC is the closest system to "single button" programming and has several automatic toolpath types to fit your every need such as Roughing, Finishing, Optimization, Remachining, Contouring, Curve Machining and Hole Boring. WorkNC takes the guess work out of your cutter path generation because it's AUTOMATIC. Just enter a few basic parameters to get your job running and the automated CAM software takes care of the rest. WorkNC provides its own lightening fast graphic toolpath editor and generic post processor generator program. See for yourself how WorkNC can dramatically improve your manufacturing efficiency. Call us at 248-351-9300 or go to Package of Programs Offers New Features for Accelerated Mold Design Missler Software has the "Program That Part Challenge," a new program to demonstrate the raw power of the TopSolid solution. In addition to the "Program That Part Challenge," Missler Software debuts TopSolid'Tooling, which the company says groups together TopSolid'Mold, TopSolid'Progress and TopSolid'Electrode and further speeds mold design and manufacturing. Some of the new TopSolid'Tooling functionality includes automated separa- tion of cavity blocks, accelerated definition of moving parts, intuitive posi- tioning of ejection components, regulation design with a safety margin and automated production of workshop documents (electrodes). Show visitors can enroll in the "Program That Part Challenge" experience TopSolid'Tooling's new features. Top Solid / Missler Software Inc. / 630-889-8055 / Automation Software Introduces Built-in Locating System XMD presents the latest update to its mold design software, introducing auto- mated clamping and built-in locating systems—a first for the industry, accord- ing to the company. The latest update is designed to automatically locate holes required for the FCS system based on the user's exact specifications of the machine, facility and clamping tool. The system is also built to automate placement of new holes to solids imported from any software for quick place- ment even at the shopfloor level. XMD says that the software is used widely by mold manufacturers, incorporating the system into CNC machine tables such as FCS, FPT's Fast Mill and more. XMD - Expert Mold Designer - Synergetic Eng & Manufacturing Services / 519-737-9638 /

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