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Machining 78 MoldMaking Technology —— JULY 2018 WEBSITE PRODUCTS/SERVICES PRODUCT CATEGORIES Smart Attend 230 Edward St. Aurora, ON, Canada L4G 3S8 Phone: 866-210-9630 • Data Management Software • Manufacturing Automation Software • Production/Inventory Control Software • Safety Equipment Pages 73 to 94 Smart Attend continues to provide low-cost, accessible, and high-value solutions to customers worldwide through experienced staff and dedicated personnel. Our solutions have helped customers streamline information internally, remotely solve their problems to resolve any unscheduled downtime, and manage the production floor to save costs and increase overall capacity instantly. Our customers benefit from an overall decrease of 60% of unscheduled downtime per week instantly, and costly expedited shipments and time consuming manual production reporting becomes a thing of the past. Born out of the collaboration of an injection moulding firm and a mold-making facility, Smart Attend continues to develop based on live feedback directly from its own production staff and its worldwide network of customers. Our solutions can remotely notify personnel of pending machine alarms, instantly provide job and shift performance information, and create a company culture built on proactive event response and managing costly everyday situations. Our hardware and software continue to be designed and manufactured completely in-house and is able to develop magnitudes more quickly than any other solutions provider on the market today. We manufacture the hardware that drives our software with our own equipment, and therefore Smart Attend is able to design and implement complex solutions with ease and simplicity for its worldwide client base. Our in-depth manufacturing experience and knowledge help drive our product develop- ment and help our customers feel confident in our understanding of their issues. Remotely, our team can upgrade the hardware for our customers and can help identify costly downtime events and opti- mize production. Smart Attend is more than a software package, it's your companies trusted resource for production optimization and smart manufacturing expertise, here to show you that Industry 4.0 doesn't have to be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Are you ready to solve your problems? Visit our website and speak to your solutions provider today.

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