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JUL 2018

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Machining 75 Pages 73 to 94 Hurco Leads 5-Axis Revolution Hurco is leading the 5-Axis Revolution, a technology that is becoming increasingly important for moldmakers. While a vast majority of moldmakers have relied on 3-axis machining centers in the past, 3-axis machining has limitations, especially for deep-cavity molds or tall-core molds. Deep-cavity molds require long, skinny tools—to minimize chatter and prevent tool breakage, you have to slow down the feed rates. Often, you can't achieve the quality of surface finish you need using 3-axis machining for mold work. For fine finishing opera- tions, especially on small-diameter molds, 3-axis machining can make the process more difficult than it needs to be. With simultaneous 5-axis machining, you can use shorter, stouter tools, which means you can push faster with increased feed rates. Using simultaneous 5-axis machining for mold work means you can take heavier cuts and Z depths aren't a problem. All of this results in shorter total machining time. Hurco has made 5-axis a priority. The last 20 years of research and development has resulted in a broad line of 5-axis machining centers and advanced 5-axis control features. Additionally, Hurco sponsored a book written by a machinist for machinists about 5-axis/5-sided. Learn more at WEBSITE PRODUCTS/SERVICES PRODUCT CATEGORIES Hurco Companies, Inc. One Technology Way P.O. Box 68180 Indianapolis, IN 46268 Toll-Free: 800-634-2416 Email: • Horizontal Machining Centers • Lathes • Machine Control Software • Machine Controls • Milling Machines • Vertical Machining Centers Bonus: All Hurco mills are equipped with patented UltiMotion™ technology, invented by Hurco. With UltiMotion™ you simultaneously reduce cycle time by 30% (or more) and improve surface-finish quality. Exclusive technology only available on Hurco mills. Learn more at

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