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68 MoldMaking Technology —— JULY 2018 Cutting Tools Visit SECOLOCATOR.COM to fi nd your local distributor and take the easy path to optimizing your hard milling. MAKE HARD EASY. Making molds from hardened steels? Double your tool life with the Jabro JH112/ JH142. With a superior HXT coating and optimized cutting geometry, these end mills boost performance for unsurpassed effi ciency, accuracy and throughput. Die and Mold Carbide End Mills Have Coating for Better Wear RobbJack offers its die/mold series end mills. The company says that the DM/MDM die/mold carbide end mills are made with a revolution- ary coating technology, reduce wear by 909 percent and last over 450 percent longer than comparable tools in hard metal applications. RobbJack says that the DM/MDM die/mold carbide end mill offers tighter tolerances, lasts longer in difficult areas like parting lines and produces better finishes that reduce or eliminate the need for polishing. According to RobbJack, when tests were conducted in D2 58 HRc that pitted comparable carbides and coatings against RobbJack's DM/MDM die/mold carbide end mills, RobbJack's tools outperformed every test tool with a smooth wear land of only .0025", which is 909 percent less wear. RobbJack/Crystallume / 844-342-0238 / Milling Cutter Boosts Productivity, Process Reliability and Tool Life Walter USA LLC says its new MD133 Supreme milling cutter is designed specifically for dynamic milling and delivers increased process reliability, particularly during unmanned operation. The milling cutter offers increased productivity because it is capable of a high rates of metal removal and it reduces machining time. The MD133 Supreme has diameters of ½-¾" (6–20 mm) and cutting lengths to 5 × Dc. They are designed for operating parameters typical of dynamic milling, such as a small width of engagement and a high depth of cut facilitated by a large cutting length. A chip breaker guarantees short chips even when working with large cutting depths. This milling cutter is available in two grades: WJ30RD for steel (secondary application: cast iron) and WJ30RA for stainless steels (secondary application: ISO S, N). The milling cutter uses the entire cutting length, giving it an even wear pattern. Additionally, heat is dissipated via the chip, which leads to an improved tool edge life. The MD133 Supreme works for high-volume production environments and for users with smaller batch sizes. The MD133 Supreme has typical application areas in general engineering, aerospace, energy and the mold and die industries. Walter USA LLC / 800-945-5554 /

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