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Cutting Tools 62 MoldMaking Technology —— JULY 2018 Pages 61 to 72 Iscar is a dynamic full-line supplier of carbide metal cutting tools which cover a broad range of applications and industries. Browse Iscar's site to find the newest innovations in metal removal. Contact Iscar for more information. Machining Intelligently ISCAR is about productivity. We help you reduce the cycle time to produce your part which increases your current machine tool capacity improving your profitability. Upon close working collaboration with industry, we have developed solutions to optimize productivity. We understand the unique requirements of many industries and continually improve and introduce new ideas directly related to what we learn. Whether you are an automotive, aerospace, medical, die and mold, oil and gas equipment manufacturer or a general machining subcontractor, we have a solution to help you increase your throughput and resolve your machining challenges. We listen, and then we invest, to bring to market something better. ISCAR has a comprehensive portfolio of machining solutions along with expert system software and tool management acces- sories to provide an unparalleled machining experience. Many variables come into play when applying tooling and ISCAR ensures that a high level of support is present to guarantee the best possible machining experience. Become a Master – ISCAR LOGIQ Chess Lines For 2018, ISCAR has released the new LOGIQ line of cutting tools. This portfolio of new tooling solutions addresses some very specific machining environments. Typically, (multi-flute) indexable milling technology has been limited to above 0.500". WEBSITE PRODUCTS/SERVICES PRODUCT CATEGORIES Iscar Metals, Inc. 300 Westway Place Arlington, TX 76018-1021 Phone: 817-258-3200 Toll-Free: 877-294-7227 Fax: 817-258-3221 Email: • Cutting Tools • End Mills • Inserts • Lathe Tooling and Accessories • Reamers • Toolholders • Tool Selection Software (ITA) ISCAR has developed new 90 degree and high feed milling systems under the brand name NANMILL with diameters as small as 0.315". These small inserts have 3 cutting edges providing a very economical approach to milling with impressive depth of cut and feed rate. Today's lathes, in many cases, have live tooling stations where expensive solid carbide end mills are used. NANMILL could be a cost-effective substitute. A special wrench is supplied with the tool to make indexing quick and easy. In reviewing for new ideas for small diameter drilling opera- tions the new LOGIQ campaign expands the sumocham line down to 4mm diameter. Typically, the only choice in this diameter range was a solid carbide or HSS drill. ISCAR has broken through the technical barriers to now offer a high performance small diameter indexable drill. The quick-change head replacement feature of this drill makes it an intelligent choice for the high produc- tion part run, especially well suited to the swiss machine environment. Small tools can potentially produce big savings. These are just 2 examples of the many new LOGIQ solutions. Visit our website: to see the entire offering.

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