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Pg. 5 Mold Components Mold Components 58 MoldMaking Technology —— JULY 2018 Three-Plate Latch System Installs and Adjusts Easily Designed for simplicity and positive plate pulling, the three-plate latch system from Alba Enterprises installs easily. The system mounts externally, so the latch and cam plate assembly provide for easy adjustment of the plate stroke. External mounting also provides for easy adjustment of positive-plate stop posi- tions. The company says that a socket head cap screw can easily adjust the LS01 and LS02 cam plates while they are still in the machine. Since the latch and the cam plate are separately attached to the mold, there is no possibility of over- stroking the machine and causing mold damage. Alba Enterprises offers this system in a variety of sizes to meet a variety of applications. Alba Enterprises Inc. / 909-941-0600 / PRODUCTFOCUS Main benefits: BRAND-NEW SMART WORM PIN FOR THE RELEASE OF SMALL UNDERCUTS! Fully mechanical solution. Does not need any mechanism in the ejector plates! And its bendable core (up to 6°) allows for the release of small undercuts by only pushing up from the ejector plates. Easy assembly and installation. The Smart Worm Pin comes in 2 sizes : Ø6 and Ø8mm, and two different lengths depending on the ejector stroke required : either up 950 Stephenson Hwy Troy, MI 48083 WP UNDERCUTS / SMART WORM PIN COMING SOON FALL 2018!! CUMSA CUMSA 30mm or up to 60mm. 1 248 850 8385 Flat Ejectors Have Tight Dimensional Tolerances for Flash-Free Production Flat ejectors are suitable for areas of injection molds like ribs or bars. The Hasco America Inc. flat ejectors have particularly tight dimensional and shape tolerances. Hasco says they permit optimum functioning of the mold and the flash- free production of injection moldings. To ensure that they can readily reach the corner geome- tries of wire-eroded holes, the Hasco flat ejectors Z4656 and Z4655 have either two or four corner radii over the full length of the ejector blade. The ejectors enable a wide range of solutions for the functional demolding of plastic articles from injection molds. The flat ejector Z4655 has a corner radius of 0.2 mm on all four sides. The Z4656 has two corner radii, and it is suitable for segmented cavities. Hasco flat ejectors are avail- able ex stock in all sizes and can be mounted straightaway without requiring any adaptations. For a longer service life with elevated wear pro- tection, Hasco offers versions Z4650 and Z4651 with a DLC coating. Hasco America Inc. / 828-650-2600 /

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