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to 9 57 Mold Components Pages 45 to 60 For Sales and Support contact: Call: 909.941.0600 Email: InnovatIve SolutIonS Micro Injection Molding Machines Save Time, Save Money on Every Mold Change Quick Knockout Couplers Vega Gives the Mold Designer Flexible Command of Optimizing the Cylinder Around the Mold Established Production Machines that are Small, Flexible, Efficient, Fast, Quiet and Simple to Use Cylinders Designed for Molds Tunnel Gate Inserts Provide Clean Parts and Runner Separation Tunnel gate inserts from i-mold GmbH & Co. KG are made for bottom (submarine) gating in cases where the upper or visible surface of the part cannot have blemishes from gate vestige. The inserts ensure unrestricted passage of the melt and that the molded part and the runner or gate are sepa- rated cleanly, either at the edge or on the underside of the part. It ensures this separation so that the upper, visible surface is completely free from gate vestiges. The TGHL design (Tunnel Gate High Level) permits the internal gating of parts in the region of the parting line in cases where the parts have a rim all the way around or are ribbed close to the edge. The TGLL design (Tunnel Gate Low Level) is used for the gating of parts featuring an internal contour below the parting line. The tunnel gate inserts are suitable for the processing of most polymers. Like all i-mold tunnel gate inserts, the TGHL and TGLL versions are machined from HSS steel (M2/1.3343) and are exchangeable. DMS and PCS Company are both distributors of the i-mold gate inserts. i-mold GmbH & Co. KG / 49 6062 80933-0 / Trunnion Lifter Slide Cuts Mold Build Time, Cost Mold and die component manufacturer SelfLube offers its trunnion lifter slides, which come in inch and metric and are available with or without self-lubricating graphite. The company says that these slides are ideal for mold builders because they reduce build time and cost since they are finished and ready for installation in the tool. The company also offers bushings, wear strips, parting line locks and gib assemblies, among other products from its 10,000 standard part numbers. SelfLube, which sells directly, offers a range of components, including bushings, wear strips, parting line locks, gib assemblies and more. The company can customize its standard offerings to accommo- date any size or special feature that a customer might require. SelfLube / 800-690-3600 / Double-Racked Lifters Save Time and Simplify Tool Construction Cumsa USA Double Racks Lifters (DRs) are designed to save time, reduce the size of the over- all mold and simplify tool construction. They also help cut down the ejection stroke. This patented system is oriented along a straight, vertical plane, improving rigidity and limiting the need for angled channels through multiple mold plates. Unlike conventional lifters, DRs eliminate complicated cam-action operations. Their straight-movements enable them to move more smoothly, causing less friction and reducing the impact on tool perfor- mance. The ejection stroke of the DRs range from 100 mm–125 mm but can accommodate a larger ejection stroke upon request. Cumsa currently offers this line in a variety of sizes ranging from 16 mm wide to 72 mm and in release undercuts ranging from 14 mm to 52 mm. Cumsa USA / 248-850-8385 /

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