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Pg. 5 Mold Components Mold Components 56 MoldMaking Technology —— JULY 2018 Component Supplier Provides Mold Venting and Mold Polishing Solutions DMS offers the Almo worm-gear device, which enables inserts to be tightened and released inside the mold cavity. DMS also offers the Balzi mold-venting valve, which helps resolve the most common effects of poor cavity venting. The company has Boride-bonded abrasive products, including polishing stones, diamond-compound mounted points and industrial sharpening stones. It has i-Mold tunnel gate inserts designed for bottom gating and Exaflow gate inserts for tunnel and rear-surface applications; Kool Flow compact water manifold systems for injection molding, resistant welding, pneumatic control, vacuum forming, die casting, extrusion technology and water distribution; Diprofil hand- held machines and diamond tools for tool, die and moldmaking; Desoi thread unscrewing devices; full-color, high resolution mold plaques. DMS also has Bolex P ball-guided ejector bushings made of special roll steel bush casing, hardened and ground to hold fixed inside a high-resistant bronze cage for guiding the balls running along the cage. The unique fea- ture is that the balls do not run aligned, but at a slight angle, enlarging the contact area and enabling greater load capacity. This system enables the precision balls to circulate endlessly. Typically, these are used in the ejector system when a friction-free application is required. DMS displays BZ hydraulic locking cylinders with robust cam-finger design to withstand heavy loads in a compact package for use in molds with side actions, slides or core pulls. DMS / 800-265-4885 / Special Seals Give Cooling System Durable High-Temperature Stability Hasco America Inc. offers a reworked cooling system that can withstand long-term service temperatures ranging to 250°C, depending on the medium employed. A special sealing element makes this possible which, in contrast to conventional sealing rings, has the requi- site long-term heat stability. The HT range supplements Hasco's standard range. All the cooling elements bearing the letters "HT" at the end of their designation contain the new seal- ing elements as standard. As part of this development project, Hasco reviewed and refined the throughput of the couplings. Hasco says it's possible to increase throughput by up to 10 percent. The cooling system resists a higher temperature and offers more effective cooling by using connecting couplings with a shut-off valve. Hasco America Inc. / 828-650-2600 / Tunnel Gate Inserts Designed for Large Contour Steps Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG has two new tunnel gate inserts suitable for large contour steps. The company says its tunnel gate inserts with a "banana-like" geometry are the ideal solu- tion for hidden gate marks. Such a geometry enables plastic injection from the bottom of the component. Additionally, a clearly defined tear edge guarantees an exact tear of the sprue. Meusburger says that the high surface quality enables good flow properties and therefore the highest process safety during the injection molding process. The geometry of the E 1693 and E 1694 tunnel gate inserts create additional fields of applica- tion. This geometry facilitates fast, easy manu- facturing of tunnel gates with large contour steps. The E 1693 tunnel gate insert is for high-level contours. With the E 1693, the gating point of the molded part can be behind a step or fillet or above the split line face. The E 1694 tunnel gate insert is for low-level contours, and it enables gating below the split line face. Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG / 43 5574 67060 /

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