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JUL 2018

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Mold Components 48 MoldMaking Technology —— JULY 2018 For more than 94 years, HASCO has been supporting its customers' success with agility, simplicity and performance. The company and products will be presented in a new, clear appearance. HASCO is the world's leading supplier of modular standard mold units, accessories and hot runner technology. The company's hallmark is based on state-of-the-art standardized mold products. With over 700 employees worldwide, HASCO supplies the highest quality products and services. Visit our website for more information. HASCO's P1 Plate Newest Material: Pre-hardened Steel 1.2714HH (L6) for Moldmaking This pre-hardened tool steel has excel- lent dimensional stability and toughness. With a maximum hardness of 400 HB, it makes for optimum processing proper- ties with regard to machinability. Mold- builders benefit from the superior material properties, especially with regard to machining, welding, surface coating and use in injection molding tooling. Other applications for the material include the efficient production of cavity inserts, cores and slides. P1 plates are kept in stock. HASCO Z1790/... Latch Lock The HASCO Z1790/... is a compact round latch lock that can be mounted on the inside—the round latch lock Z1790/ used with a Z1791/...pulling rod. Internally mounted latch locks have the advantage of not increasing the outside dimensions of the injection mold. The latch locks have small space requirements permitting strokes of between 30 and 130mm. The pulling rod Z1791/… can be fit in both the intermediate plate and the clamping plate. The stroke can be adjusted as required by shortening the pulling rod. The housing can similarly be cut to length in order to align it to the plate thickness. HASCO Z1545/… Gear Housing and Z1547 Gear Rack Units The HASCO stack mold components Z1545/... and Z1547/... now are in two sizes: 2.5 and 5 modules. The standardized HASCO components allow the simple, reproducible and inexpensive construc- tion of stack molds of this type. The low height of the components permit small distances between the tie bars on the machine while supplying high opening forces through the use of high-quality materials. DLC-coated slideways mini- mize wear and extend maintenance inter- vals. All standardized components are available from stock. WEBSITE & APP PRODUCTS/SERVICES PRODUCT CATEGORIES Pages 45 to 60 HASCO America, Inc. 270 Rutledge Rd. Unit B Fletcher, NC 28732 Phone: 877-427-2662 Fax: 828-684-7960 • Mold Components • Mold Bases • Mold Plates • DLC Standard Components • Collapsible Cores • Unscrewing System • Hot Runner Components • Hot Runner Manifolds • Temperature Controls, Monitors, Sensors • Tool Steel/Mold Steels Precision in Moldmaking since 1924.

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