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Hot Runners 36 MoldMaking Technology —— JULY 2018 The multi-language website is a resource and information tool for customers in any market. Features include product search, RFQs, videos, and an array of product guides, manuals and brochures in PDF format for easy download. WEBSITE PRODUCTS/SERVICES PRODUCT CATEGORIES INCOE Corporation 1740 E. Maple Road Troy, MI 48083 Phone: 248-616-0220 Fax: 248-616-0227 • Hot Runner Systems for Micro- to Large-Part Applications • Thermal Tip, Sprue and Valve Gate Designs • Temperature, Sequential and Valve Gate Controls • Complete Hot-Half Systems • Stack Molding Systems • Single-Nozzle Systems • Screen Pac Melt Filtration • IMN (Injection Machine Nozzle) INCOE Hot Runner Systems are the heart of the injection molding process, managing and controlling Melt Logistics® inside the mold. For 60 years, the plastic injection molders for all markets have come to rely on the technology, service, filling simulation and on-site technical support INCOE offers. By providing customers innovative and creative solutions helps ensure they remain productive and competitive. INCOE's global commitment is to be your partner, producing value in your process, and ultimately delivering satisfaction where it counts. DIRECT-FLO™ Gold hot runner systems offer proven performance advantages, unitized leak-proof reliability and cost effectiveness in the most demanding applications. Features include custom and standard system configurations, non-valve and valve gate systems, mold flow analysis and exclusive OPTI-FLO® manifold systems; all designed to reduce cycle times with improved part quality. HEM miniature hydraulics are powerful and highly compact and widen the choice of possible gating points while creating enough space for supply lines—not just because of the smaller dimensions, but because the outlets for the cooling lines can be arranged in four different directions. The new patented and improved thermal separation of distributors and cylinders prevents the hydraulic oil reaching critically high temperatures. This helps protect moving parts and seals and means no cooling down is required once production work is complete. SoftGate® valve pin speed control is an important core product for process optimization through hot runner technology. Instead of an abrupt sudden opening of the valve gate nozzle, the flow cross-section is continually opened and released through SoftGate® and the nozzle opening time required for optimum quality can be set and a careful injection is thus reproducibly ensured. For example, all changes in pressure and speed of the melt occurring during the process are much better coordinated, resulting in a continuous melt stream reducing or eliminating hesitation marks. Pages 33 to 44

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