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Mold Materials Mold Materials 30 MoldMaking Technology —— JULY 2018 Steel Solutions Offered Closer to North American Customers Scana Steel USA Inc., Scana's Chicago-based U.S. hub, stocks various tool and die steel grades in different sizes for delivery to North American customers. The company also produces grades such as P20, O2, O6, S5, S7, W2, 420, H10, H11 and H13 in forms of bars and blocks with a maximum thickness of 50" for hot or cold work applications. The company's U.S. branch performs and outsources sawing, cutting, gun drilling and milling tool and die steel bars or blocks to deliver prod- ucts as close to near net shape as possible to the North American customers. In-house steelmaking, forging, heat treatment and machining are company tradi- tions that go back over 360 years in Sweden. As a global company, Scana sup- plies forged steel products for clients in tool steel, machine and energy markets. Scana Steel USA Inc. / 224-277-2020 / Group of Mold Materials Features Wear-Resistant Products Finkl Steel Canada has the patent-pending, pre-hardened mold steel Corebloc, which was engineered for injection molding tools and for the core plate of injection molds up to 40" (1015 mm) in size. Finkl says that the excellent ability to harden through characterizes this steel in comparison to standard materials like 4140 and 1.2312, and that Corebloc's machinability and resistance to wear are outstanding. Corebloc is suitable for laser-hardening, chrome-plating and nitriding. Finkl says that users save from expenses on core-side molds and tools. Finkl also offers the plastic mold steel MD-Xtra SH (Super Hard). Microalloying additions ensure higher hardness levels than material that is typically available. With a hardness ranging to 43 HRC, the wear resistance is significantly increased. Polishability is guaranteed up to 1200 grit. MD-Xtra SH is ideal for manufacturing sophisticated automotive components with extremely smooth surfaces. Its remelted counterpart, MLQ-Xtra, combines these benefits with a guaranteed SPI A1 finish. Finkl Steel Canada / 800-268-3077 / Plastic Mold and Tooling Alloys for High Production Demands Materion Performance Alloys says that MoldMax plastic tooling alloys pro- vide a unique combination of strength, thermal conductivity and machinabil- ity. The benefits of using MoldMax for plastic molding process include shorter cycle times and improved part quality. Materion offers a variety of MoldMax alloys to meet the high production demands of the plastic processing industry. Materion Performance Alloys / 800-375-4205 / Solution for Manufacturing Reflector and Lens Molds Schmolz+Bickenbach USA offers extremely corrosion-resistant, hardened high-grade steel Formadur PH X Superclean from DEW. With its excellent polishability, Schmolz+Bickenbach says that Formadur PH X Superclean is an ideal solution for manufacturing reflector and lens molds. Formadur 2083 Superclean from DEW also is resistant to corrosion. Resistance to wear makes this material ideal for PVC extrusion tools and smaller cross section injection molds. Schmolz+Bickenbach also features Corroplast FM from DEW at NPE2018. Corroplast FM is a material engineered for sophisticated plastic mold bases. The company says that this free-machining, pre-hardened stainless steel has outstanding machining characteristics and dimensional stability. Schmolz+Bickenbach USA Inc. / 800-323-1233 / Alloy Has Consistent Microstructure for Surface Finishing Ellwood Specialty Steel (ESS) is now stocking an improved P20 modified alloy that the company says is tailored to the needs of the moldmaking indus- try for superior mold finishes. Ellwood recognizes that as demand grows for molds with mirror polishes and complex texture patterns, the capability of the mold steel becomes a critical factor for achieving perfect parts. Ellwood uses a refined chemistry to optimize internal properties in addition to its advanced steelmaking processes. Ellwood says that as a result, mold builders can use ESS P20 Modified for their toughest jobs. ESS P20 Modified alloy has consis- tent through hardness and microstructure, which enable successful surface finishing. Block sizes are available in thicknesses ranging to 25" and are cut in custom sizes for quick delivery. Ellwood Specialty Steel / 724-657-1160 /

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