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Page 22 of 123 21 Additive Manufacturing Pages 13 to 22 AM Powder Designed to Create Conformal Cooling Channels Uddeholm USA announces the launch of Corrax additive manufacturing pow- der, a product designed for the additive manufacturing of tooling components. Uddeholm says that using Corrax additive manufacturing powder enables the creation of conformal cooling channels to reduce cycle times. Uddeholm maintains that Corrax powder is excellent for additive manufacturing tooling applications because of high demand, short run series and the ever-increasing need for shorter lead times. Uddeholm announces its 350th anniversary as a manufacturer of industrial tool steels in 2018. Based in Hagfors, Sweden, Uddeholm has delivered high- alloyed steels since opening in 1668. Uddeholm provides tooling solutions through technical know-how, advice and support to customers from over 90 countries around the world. Uddeholm serves customers in a wide range of industries, providing local stocking and technical support for tool steels, mold materials and specialty alloys. Uddeholm opened its first facility in the United States in 1925. Uddeholm USA / 800-638-2520 / Conformal Cooling Design and Cleaning Services and Standard Cooling Components TruCool Conformal Cooling from DME is designed to maximize cooling effi- ciency through additive metal manufacturing. This line of conformal cooling products with complex cooling channels conforming to the part surface geom- etry provides greater overall cooling coverage with even distribution while maintaining a targeted, consistent temperature and reducing cycle times by as much as 60 percent. DME announces three new products and services to the TruCool line. First, DME Design Services builds on decades of moldmaking, mold design, thermal analysis and conformal channel design to provide customers with the most reliable, robust and efficient mold design. It comes with the ability to trouble shoot, clean and descale both conventional and conformal cooling water channels to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of intricate con- formal and conventional cooling through a closed-loop, computer-controlled, automated process. Second, DME says its new cooling aftermarket services and equipment provide the ultimate cooling channel cleaning, diagnostics and maintenance. Third, DME announces its new line of TruCool "standard" confor- mal-cooled components, which includes core pins, gates and sprue bushings. DME - Milacron / 800-626-6653 / Metal 3D Printer Combines Laser Sintering and High-Speed Milling The Sodick OPM250 metal 3D printer from Plustech Inc./Sodick Inc. combines laser sintering of metal powder and high-speed milling in the same machine. This can speed production of tooling components such as cores and cavities with conformal cooling channels. Additive manufacturing reportedly can produce in one piece components that would normally be assembled from multiple parts. Sodick Inc. / 888-639-2325 / Additive Manufacturing Simulation Offers Virtual Experimentation CGTech offers additive manufacturing (AM) simulation capabilities in Vericut. The additive module of Vericut simulates both additive and traditional machining capabilities of hybrid CNC machines. CGTech works with its customers and technol- ogy partners to solve AM challenges including accurate laser cladding and mate- rial deposition, collision detection between the machine and additive part, and the discovery of errors, voids and misplaced material. CGTech says that Vericut 8.1 adds the ability to identify potential problems that can occur when integrating additive methods. The simulation uses the same post-processed NC code that is used to drive the CNC machine. Users can virtually experiment with combining additive and metal removal processes. CGTech says that Vericut's model of the hybrid process assures customers that parts will be developed correctly without incurring damage to the part, the machine that builds it or to the laser equipment. CGTech / 949-753-1050 /

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