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Page 108 of 123 107 Inspection/Measurement Pages 103 to 108 Airfoil Scanning Process Yields Parametric Model Exact Metrology Inc. receives airfoils that customers provide (although the scan can happen at the customer's facility as well) for full documentation prior to scanning. Because of the reflective nature of the blades, a thin coating of Magnaflux spray is applied. When scanning the blade, Exact uses a fixture device that acts as an alignment constraint while holding the airfoil in place and enabling Exact technicians to capture data on the part without touching the part. The part is positioned on the rotating table or on a stationary marble top and scanned multiple times from multiple perspectives. The targeting procedure uses an automated fitting of point clouds based on three positions on the part. The software then analyzes every point with overlap and runs a best fit algorithm to find the tightest and best alignment, resulting in a fully registered and organized point cloud. The next step is to triangulate or mesh the points together. This mesh is further manipulated by reducing the points along flatter areas and retaining more triangles in areas of curvature and complexity. In the surfacing process, a surface is basically draped over the mesh and smoothed to be reflective of the actual part. Once this task is completed and a watertight object is created, the model is ready to be exported in the client's desired format. The final deliverable is a parametric model. Unlike a solid model, the parametric model possesses relationships of all dimensions within the CAD. Exact Metrology Inc. / 513-831-6620 / Computer Tomographs Provide Flexibility with Speed, Large Measuring Ranges Zeiss Industrial Metrology offers the Metrotom 800, which has an extended performance spectrum, and its Metrotom 1500. These computer tomographs are designed to address companies' need for flexibility as new materials and hybrid processes are developed, with features including speed and large measuring ranges. Zeiss Industrial Metrology / 800-327-9735 / Touch Probes Enhance Digital and Analogue Measuring in Machine Tools Prime Technical Services offers Blum-Novotest solutions for digital and ana- logue measuring tasks in machine tools with Digilog brand touch probes. When recording the workpiece position, state and dimensions, the probe's analogue measurement produces higher quality results in the evaluation of surfaces and contours, the company says. The touch probes are designed for the extreme requirements of highly productive machining centers. Prime Technical Services Inc. / 216-210-7000 / Probe Filter Distinguishes False Triggering from Real Events Marposs WRP60P and WRP45P high-accuracy touch probes with multichannel radio transmission are designed for high-accuracy, five-axis machining centers and milling machines. The WRP45P and WRP60P achieve part positioning, work-piece orientation and origin identification as well as accurate part mea- surement by automatically detecting the machine axis positions. Relying on piezo-electric technology, these probes provide measurement performance on 3D surfaces with repeatability within 0.25 ┬Ám. The incorporation of a special filter helps to distinguish false-triggering events from actual touch events. The probes operate with the WRI receiver and have a range of 15 m, making them well-suited for large machines. And, since the line of sight between the touch probe transmitter and receiver is not required, complex surfaces and deep-cavity parts can be inspected. Measurements may be performed at depths as great as 1 m because of the modular structure and extensions of the probe. Marposs Corp. / 888-627-7677 / Laser Trackers with Mobile Device Control Enable Portability Faro's Vantage S and Vantage E laser trackers offer mobile device control and portability for efficiency and ease of use in part and assembly inspection, machine installation, metrology-guided alignment and reverse engineering. Also available is RemoteControls workflow, which is said to simplify operations such as target acquisition and accuracy checks and eliminate locking onto the laser beam with simple gestures. Faro Technologies Inc. / 800-736-0234 /

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