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00 00 00 Great Tips from This Issue 5 TRICKS OF THE TRADE CONTENTS December 2018 Volume 21 / Number 12 4 MoldMaking Technology —— DECEMBER 2018 Features 14 Inspection/Measurement Maximizing Intelligent Manufacturing Collecting and using measurement data ensures mold components meet customer specs and reduces scrap and rework. 18 Surface Treatment Rethinking How to Polish Internal process documentation helps polishers build upon experience and overcome surface finish challenges. 20 International Perspective Welcome to the Hub of Moldmaking in Portugal Portugal today boasts some of the most advanced and innovative moldmaking businesses that have nearly doubled their export and production rate over the past ten years. Here is a look at this country's recipe for success. 23 Business Management How to Create an Accurate Budget Proper financial planning is integral to the success of every mold project. 25 Business Management Building Manufacturing Awareness Six best practices for hosting community events that promote industry engagement. ON THE COVER Image courtesy of ALBA Enterprises. This month's cover high- lights an ALBA coupler, which can eliminate all threading and un-threading of knock out bars, dramatically reducing the complexity of any mold change. These 100-percent mechanically operated couplers save time, money, and effort, while providing durability and millions of maintenance-free cycles. See related feature on page 28. Images courtesy of (left to right) Mitutoyo, Mold Trax and Seco Tools. 1. Measurement Matters Moldmakers should use data collection and real-time SPC software to collect measurement data and then relay it back to the CAD/CAM software to refine part programs. PG. 14. 2. Polishing Pointers Do not focus on individual polishing steps; instead, focus on the actual finish because the finish provided to the polisher by the machine determines the starting point for the polisher. PG. 18. 3. Budgeting Business Set a profit goal for your budget. Then establish revenue targets using sales forecasts and information from the current month's pricing column. PG. 23. 4. Know Who's in the Room Identify the knowledge level of your audience before launching an open house event to set appropriate talking points that will engage and excite your audience, instead of confusing and boring them. PG. 25. 5. The Hard Facts High-precision holders are crucial when hard milling to achieve maximum tool life. Run-out must be limited to less than 0.0004-inch to maximize tool life. PG. 46. 46 20 14 VIDEO ACCESS Departments 6 From the Editor: Looking Back to Move Forward 8 2018 Editorial Advisory Board: Tool Design Reviews 10 Profile: Franchino Mold 28 Case Study: Mold Components 32 Maintenance Matters: Will Industry 4.0 Improve Mold Maintenance? 35 The Bottom Line: Understanding Business Meal Deductions 37 Leadtime Leader Q&A: Marketing Impact and More 38 Association Update: News and Reviews from Industry Organizations 40 Gardner Business Index: MoldMaking 41 Industry Report: Appliances 42 Product Focus: Popular Products of 2018 46 TIP: Cutting Tools 48 Year In Review

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