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Business Management 26 MoldMaking Technology —— DECEMBER 2018 Be Mindful of Timing Timing is key to produce an engaging event successfully. Be sure to give people plenty of notice regarding the event so that they can make appropriate arrangements with minimal interruption to their schedule. Again, it is important to con- sider your audience. If you want to have your local school system send a notice home with students, you most likely will need to get approval from the superintendent first. Build extra time into your schedule to accommodate for these approvals the first time you host an event. Be sure to carefully map out the timing of the event. For starters, ensure that you know how much time you are going to spend for the entire tour, and be sure to lay out the flow and timing. Attendees should have a specific amount of time at each tour station, and the timing should be equal for each stop, enabling groups to move consistently through the shop to prevent a backup from forming. Be Engaging Now that you have the community in your doors, it is important to engage them so that you leave a lasting impression. By knowing the members of your audience, you will have a better idea of how to engage them. A key way to do this is to explain not only what your product is, but how those in the audience may interact with the product in their lives. Using props, like a sample of the finished product, is a great way to captivate non-auditory learners. Another way to make your event engaging is to ask questions and create an environment where attendees are encouraged to ask questions and start a discussion. At Westminster Tool, we typically do this at the start of a tour by saying "No question is stupid!" We also make a point to say that we are there to help them with whatever questions they have. Collect Data Collecting information about who attends, including con- tact details, will help you to plan accordingly. Your approach will change if you have five attendees versus 50. It is also an opportunity to create a database of people who may be interested in future events that you host. At Westminster Tool, we have used resources like MailChimp and Eventbrite to help us host some of our larger events. We also have a database of interested community members to drive partici- pation and spread the word. Collecting data on what works and what does not work is essential. For example, if showing an end product only seemed to distract a group of students, make a note of it for future events so as not to repeat the mistake. Provide Impactful Giveaways Hosting events is a great opportunity for you to promote your organization and manufacturing. Send guests away with brochures that explain how someone can apply for a position, job applications for an interested attendee, flyers for local manufacturing education programs and business cards for anyone interested in shadowing for a future job or who merely has more questions. When hosting an event for your peers, connect them with the most appropriate person within your team to help them tackle the challenge they are facing or hand out a flyer regarding other ways to get involved with a community manufacturing group. The key is not to let the enthusiasm you created end once they step out the door. FOR MORE INFORMATION Westminster Tool / 860-564-6966, ext. 244 / / CONTRIBUTOR Kylee Carbone is director of Talent Development for Westminster Tool and a 2018 MoldMaking Technology EAB member. Rapid Mold Base Program Machining flexibility + guaranteed quote and shipment turnaround times! Quote Online Now at or call 1-800-521-0546 RAPID MOLD BASE GUARANTEE Receive a $250 credit on your next order if your mold base is not quoted or shipped as outlined by this program. MOLD BASES INCLUDED: • A-Series Mold Bases • B-Series Mold Bases All Sizes from 88-2436 STEEL & PLATE THICKNESS INCLUDED: • #3 Steel from 7/8" to 5-7/8" PROGRAM DETAILS Rapid Mold Base Guarantee: • Quote in 1 Business Day • Ships within 5 Business Days PLUS: Special Promotion! • FREE Shipping Relocations or omissions include: • Assembly Screws, Center Holes, Guided Ejection, Leader Pins & Bushings, Return Pins, Stop Disk in Ejector Plate Buy select PCS products and receive machining at no charge: • Side or Top Locks • Cycle Counters

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