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Business Management 25 By Kylee Carbone Building Manufacturing Awareness Six best practices for hosting community events that promote industry engagement. A wareness of manufacturing careers has increased over the past few years, and at Westminster Tool, we believe that community involvement is the key to this positive trend. Most of our success with awareness and recruitment has been a result of hosting community events that encourage engagement across the industry and within our company. Here are six best practices for hosting a successful com- munity event in your area. Diversify Your Audience It is important to note that there are many audiences that need to know about manufacturing careers. Moreover, it is important to realize that it is not just students. Your commu- nity includes students and school programs, manufacturing peers, teachers, parents and general community members who may be looking for a career change. While the diversity of these groups may seem overwhelm- ing, the processes and best practices for engaging each of them at an event are very similar to one another. Here are a few ways to engage these groups through a company-hosted event. • Community open house. An open house provides an opportunity to invite everyone in the community to tour your organization, learn about what you do and see how the inside of a manufacturing facility looks. Many people are not aware of what items are made right in their back- yard nor the technology that is used to make these items, which often are essential to our day-to-day lives. • Tours for local schools and school programs. Schools are constantly seeking ways to educate students on different career paths and to help them see real-life applications of the concepts that they teach. Inviting students to tour not only contributes to their education and awareness of manufacturing, but also is a great way to interact with the up-and-coming talent pool. • Tours for local manufacturers. Collaboration is a power- ful tool that businesses can leverage. Simply by inviting other manufacturers to tour your organization, you can help to share insight into best practices, recent accom- plishments and areas in which you excel. For example, if you recently completed a Kaizen that made it possible for you to increase throughput in a previous bottleneck area, invite a company to visit to understand the process so that they can apply a similar technique to their bottleneck. When we help each other improve, we enhance the devel- opment of manufacturing within our community. Know Your Audience It is important to know the audience that you are inviting into your company. Identifying the knowledge level of your audience members will help you set appropriate talking points that will engage and excite them and not confuse or bore them. Be sure to share this information with anyone who is going to be speaking with or presenting to your guests. For instance, your approach to explaining the EDM pro- cess should differ vastly between talking to a group that has never heard of an electrode and talking to a group that is familiar with the idea of manufacturing the inverse of a shape to get the desired geometry. Your speakers are most likely industry experts who consider "spark gap" common vernacular, so they may need a reminder on speaking in more simplistic terms to express their points. Ari Santiago, president of IT Direct and EAMA Industry Partner, hosted a lunch and learn for EAMA members. Santiago identified upcoming technology challenges that were specific to the manufacturing industry and facilitated a discussion that centered around IT best practices. Westminster Tool connected with another EAMA member and gained valuable insight about a phone-system upgrade. Image courtesy of Westminster Tool.

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