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Caption Caption Caption Inspection/Measurement 16 MoldMaking Technology —— DECEMBER 2018 Additive manufacturing is just one of the many techniques that moldmakers use. CAD/CAM software can use measurement data to refine this process to increase accuracy and reduce scrap. exact amount of extra material that an individual polisher removes as they perform their work. This yields more consistent molds and less rework. Having all of this data in one plat- form also facilitates simpler integra- tion with ERP software. As moldmak- ers collect more measurement data from a greater variety of sources, data management becomes tedious. Many shops integrate this data into their ERP systems expecting this con- solidation to reduce their workload. However, a typical manufacturer has many metrology equipment brands at various levels of sophistication and age, each with its own communication method, ranging from a simple USB output and RS232 serial communica- tion to PC-driven gauges that save data as files. This variety can be time consuming and expensive to integrate into a system that is not designed to collect metrology data. Real-time SPC software is designed to perform this task. With real-time SPC software, any device with out- put can collect measurement data. Operators can even use non-digital gauges with data entered via a key- board. The ERP software can then harvest the entirety of this data from one source, the SPC software's struc- tured query language (SQL) database. This requires only a single integration, saving ERP costs and reducing the effort required to consolidate the data. This next revolution in industrial technology requires tools like real-time SPC software to help moldmakers achieve intelligent manufacturing. CONTRIBUTOR Jeremy P. Banks is a data management sales specialist for Mitutoyo. FOR MORE INFORMATION Mitutoyo 888-648-8869

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