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12 MoldMaking Technology —— DECEMBER 2018 Profile Once Franchino Mold recruits qualified apprentices, how does the company ensure that they learn required skills? Rusthoven: A couple of years after we reestablished our apprenticeship programs, we found a private training institu- tion on the west side of Michigan, Praeco Skills, that offered both moldmaking and CNC machining courses that an indi- vidual with a background in the tool and die industry devel- oped. We switched to this program because these courses were very detailed and specific to this industry and were offered in multiple ways, including online, through live webinars and in on-site classes. In addition, there is a shopfloor course compo- nent where the apprentices can kill two birds with one stone— they can fulfill some of the curriculum requirements and the work hours while working on the shop floor. The first-year apprenticeship classes are the same for everyone while they learn the fundamentals. We prefer to start them in the moldmaking department so that they see the end product versus working on machining specific details of components and wondering what their purpose is. They work with our journeymen moldmakers on mold repair, for example, and they get to disassemble molds and learn about all the components and their functions, the terminology and more. On a new mold, they learn to assemble all of those components. After about six months, it is not unusual to have at least one apprentice tell us he or she likes doing that work, and we will put them on the moldmaker career path, which will help them hone those skills. Others may say that they prefer the precision machining side, and we will send them down that career path. Our apprenticeship committee includes the moldmaking supervisor, the machining supervi- sor, the plant manager, the vice president of operations and ©2018 Crystallume DIAMOND DONE RIGHT Made in the U.S.A. To learn more, call 1-800-789-4322 Hard Metal, Graphite or Green Carbide? Crystallume delivers unparalleled performance and cost effective solutions. For the toughest jobs & finest details, manufacturers rely on Crystallume. SOLVING PROBLEMS WITH TECHNOLOGY Journeyman CNC Machinist Chris Cook is a rising star at Franchino Mold and one of MoldMaking Technology's featured 30 Under 30 moldmaking industry professionals for 2018. Franchino Mold's close partnerships with four Lansing, Michigan-area career centers, combined with using private training specific to moldmaking, has made it possible for the company to recruit many qualified apprentices who help perpetuate the business.

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