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00 00 00 Great Tips from This Issue 5 TRICKS OF THE TRADE CONTENTS November 2018 Volume 21 / Number 11 4 MoldMaking Technology —— NOVEMBER 2018 Features 14 EDM/Additive Manufacturing Rethinking EDM for Additive Applications D printing impacts wire EDM workholding, cutting conditions and machine-tool speciications. 18 Mold Maintenance & Repair Complex Molds Require Advanced Maintenance Strategies As molds become more complex in design and function, the demand for advanced training and equipment for mold maintenance increases. 22 International Perspective Machine-Tool Investment Considerations Several European moldmakers offer rational for their purchasing decisions when they invest in new machine-tool technology. 26 Business Management Steps to Better Mold Prices Improving your mold pricing requires a deeper understanding of your business. 28 Business Management The Power of Collaboration Work with peers in your own backyard to solve common manufacturing challenges. ON THE COVER Image courtesy of Sodick Inc. This month's cover demonstrates that for additive parts made in a hybrid machine (including both printing and milling), the simplest solution to use is often a dedicated angle plate as there will be very few secondary opera- tions. For print-only parts at the "near-net-shape" phase, more sophisticated tooling is advisable. This makes vendor selection critical not only for choosing a printer, but for choosing wire EDM machines and tooling as well. See the related story on page 14. Images courtesy of (left to right) Cold Jet LLC, Cooper Tires and Knarr Group. 1. Wire on Fire While additive jobs will often not require numer- ous fine-start holes (unlike some typical EDM jobs), they will still require a highly capable threader. PG. 14. 2. Best Price The final step in mold pricing is to evaluate the relationship of forecasted costs to actual costs through and after the mold-building process. PG. 26. 3. That's What Friends Are For Peers do not always refer to the people who share the same job title or who work in the same industry. Peers are those who share common struggles and who use different approaches to overcome them. PG. 28. 4. Robot Rewards A FANUC seven-axis robot gives a moldmaker freedom to move anywhere within the cell and the versatility to add different types of machines while minimizing the cell footprint. PG. 30. 5. Tally It Up New software implementa- tion requires management support, out-of-pocket costs and labor planning. The shop should manage and track this implementa- tion as another project. PG. 48. 48 30 18 VIDEO ACCESS Departments 6 From the Editor: It's About What You Do with What You Have 8 2018 Editorial Advisory Board: Effective DFM Analysis 10 Profile: B A Die Mold Inc. 30 Case Study: Automation 34 The Bottom Line: Reducing a Mold Shop's Top Effective Tax Rate 38 Gardner Business Index: Moldmaking 40 Industry Report: Medical 42 Product Focus: Mold Materials 47 Ad Index 48 TIP: Software

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