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Page 46 of 51 45 Designed to Spec. Built to Perfection. Order Custom Components from the Industry Experts. Contact us today for a hassle-free quote. No minimum requirements, quick turnaround! email: call: (800) 521-0546 High Quality Precision Over 50 years industry experience. Reliable, On-Time Delivery Lead times to meet your demands. Competitive Pricing Price points that meet your budget. Variety of Product Options Choose your products, materials, sizes, & coatings. INSIDER Insight delivered directcp to your inbox! Delivered monthly directcp to your inbox, the MMT Insider includes application stories, video highlights, technology reviews, featured archived content, and industry news and events from MoldMaking Technology staff and industry experts. Each issue builds upon the magazine's mission of providing extra insight into the technology and business sides of mold manufacturing. E N G I N E E R B U I L D M A I N T A I N KEEP CURRENT AND CUTTING EDGE! Sign up for the MMT Insider at: Mold Release Is FDA Compliant for Incidental Food Contact IMS introduces its new Dry-21 paintable PTFE powder mold release, a low-residue release that is FDA-compliant for incidental food contact. Dry-21 brings the release abil- ity of PTFE powder into an FDA-compliant formula under 21 CFR 177.1550 and 184.100. A general-purpose release, Dry-21 is applicable where the molded parts will be paint- ed, plated or ink-stamped. Dry-21 is stocked in full-size, 16-fluid-ounce cans. IMS Co.: Industrial Molding Supplies / 800-537-5375 / Advances to CAD/CAM Software Designed to Boost Productivity Alphacam 2018 R2 by Vero Software has a new nesting engine that the company says provides faster calculation times and improved feedback and graphics. Vero Software also migrated Parametric Rules to C#. Vero Software says that Parametric Rules have an enhanced GUI and functionality that facilitate greater control, improved UX and simpler logic statements. Vero Software also enhanced the Face Milling Cycle, which is now part of Alphacam's core functionality, creating intelligent tool paths and enabling users to face-mill irregular and multiple geometries. Alphacam 2018 R2 also has a new order-by-intersecting geometry function, which the company says saves users time when they order the sequence of a complex job. It works by letting the user select a previously created geometry to define the order of geometries or tool paths based on those that intersect the selected geometry first. Additionally, the Parametric Sketcher is now more powerful because of an updated UI, which means that the window can be resized. There are improve- ments to the Sketcher's geometry creation tools for creating fillets and chamfers as part of the geometry-creation tool set. Vero Software says that this eliminates the need to calculate those points. Vero Software improved the importing of CAD models with Solidworks configurations. Alphacam has a new interface where users can choose which configuration of an assembly to import. With this interface, users are not obligated to check that the last version saved in Solidworks is what they want. Alphacam by Vero Software / 800-461-2015 /

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