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Product Focus 44 MoldMaking Technology —— NOVEMBER 2018 E N G I N E E R B U I L D M A I N T A I N • Keep up on the issues affecting mold manufacturing. • Interact with industry leaders and newcomers alike. • Share insights, observations, challenges and solutions with your peers. Participate in the MoldMaking Technology Blog The MoldMaking Technology Blog is designed for you, allowing you to participate in a dialogue among professionals in the mold manufacturing industry. Conversation. Communication. Community. BLOG Join the Discussion! Automation System Modularity Increases Adaptability Fastems offers FMS One, a fully configurable machine-tool pallet automation system, and RoboFMS One, which combines the benefits of an industrial robot and a flexible manufacturing system. Fastems says that both systems are built from standard modules that offer fast delivery and easy operation. MLS Multi Level Systems and RoboFMS are systems that can be customized for special needs. The FMS systems feature increased modularity for fast deployment and adaptability. Standard modules reduce equipment delivery and implementa- tion lead times and enable custom fitting of automation solutions to specific end-user needs. Fastems says that the FMS systems integrate easily with a large number of four-axis and five-axis machine tools. The FMS systems adapt to a wide range of load handlers as well. For example, the FMS systems work with cranes and robots that can handle work- pieces from 0.1 kg to 2,500 kg in any shape or size. The systems offer more spacious pallet storage to maximize available space, and the systems have lower system reaches that free operators from working in difficult positions. Fastems LLC / 513-779-4614 / ROI Calculator Increases Savings and Reduces Tool Variety TDM Systems says that the ROI Calculator helps users rethink tool manage- ment. The ROI Calculator is an online tool that helps users calculate potential savings and their return on investment for tools when using TDM tool- management solutions. TDM Systems says that by answering a few simple online questions, users can access information quickly as it relates to their investment in tooling and potential savings. According to the company, the software supports the reduction of tool variety and helps users target the best tools to use, and at the same time, the ROI Calculator helps users reduce tool-related machine downtimes and minimize hidden crib inventory. The ROI Calculator estimates potential savings and displays the results directly on- screen. The ROI Calculator is available on the TDM Systems website. TDM Systems / 847-605-1269 /

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