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42 MoldMaking Technology —— NOVEMBER 2018 Product Focus Steel Resists Wear from Abrasive Resins, Extends Tool Life International Mold Steel says that DC53 is a fully hardenable mold steel with good machinability, a wide range of applications and hardnesses, good polish- ability and excellent wear. DC53 heat treats consistently and stably, reduces rework and eases grinding. According to the company, one moldmaker that used DC53 reported that the material significantly reduced its tooling costs, the time it took to make cores and cavities and the amount of necessary preventive maintenance. The same client said that DC53 withstood wear from glass-filled ABS carbon resin, and that the material is now its preferred mold steel for projects with highly abrasive resins. International Mold Steel Inc. / 800-625-6653 / MOLD MATERIALS Modified Remelting Process Improves Material Purity Bohler M333 Isoplast is a development from Bohler that is exclusively available from Edro in the United States. The material has been developed for mold inserts with high demands for toughness, polishability, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. It is supplied in the soft, annealed condition and used after heat treatment to 50HRC using Bohler heat-treatment specification recommen- dations. Edro says that M333 Isoplast is produced using an optimized chemistry, a modified production process and the latest steel re-melting technology known as Pressure Electroslag Remelting (PESR), which is a modified remelting process that results in improved purity and homogeneity. Nitrogen is added as an alloy- ing constituent during the PESR process. M333 Isoplast has toughness that has been increased to the same high level as H13ESR at 50HRC. It has approximately three times the toughness of 420ESR at similar hardness levels. According to Edro, the unique chemical composition coupled with the modified production process results in improved corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. Edro Engineering and Specialty Steels Inc. / 800-368-3376 / Technical Specialist Helps Customers Choose Ideal Alloy Ellwood Specialty Steel has been actively stocking and marketing aluminum alloys to the molding industry for three years. Stocks of 5083, 6061 and 7075 aluminum tooling plate and Alumold 500 alloys are available from 0.25" to 42.00" thick, depending upon the alloy. Ellwood technical representatives are available to assist customers in choosing the most suitable aluminum for a given mold project. They can advise on matters pertaining to aluminum alloys and plastic compounds, projected process temperatures, part tolerances and estimated product volumes. Ellwood Specialty Steel / 800-932-2188 /

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