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Case Study / Topic 32 MoldMaking Technology —— NOVEMBER 2018 Case Study / Automation FOR MORE INFORMATION Cooper Tires / 419-423-1321 / FANUC America / 888-3268-287 / Makino / 800-552-3288 / enables Cooper Tires to switch between fast removal rates for roughing and more accuracy for inishing machining strate- gies. "Macros used to machine many of the part-speciic fea- tures utilize information that is automatically pulled from our 3D modeling database," Duling says. "These part dimensions and tolerances are then compiled and registered in the MAS. My goal with utilizing macros was to not put any additional programming burden on our CAM department, and it was a success!" More Flexibility, Less Footprint Flexibility and limited floor space were also major factors in going with a robotic system, according to Duling. "I knew that I wanted a robotic cell because if we wanted to add, say, a wash station or a coordinate measuring machine to this cell, we would have the flexibility to load them with a robot, whereas an automated pallet-handling system like the ARGV would limit what we could load." He says that this is because of the differ- ence in the number of axes that each system offers. An ARGV basically has an arm that shuttles palleted parts in and out of the machine, so there is no real articulation. Additionally, the team would need to install a transfer station between the machines and the ARGV, for which Duling says there is no room. "However, the FANUC seven-axis robot gives us the freedom to move anywhere within the cell plus the versatility to add many different types of machines while minimizing the cell footprint," he says. "It further justiied the advantage of adopting the robot." Only one operator oversees production on Cooper Tires's only milling cell. Previously, unreliable automation and older CNC machines with limited capabili- ties made manual processes necessary to keep jobs moving from machine to machine. Today, Makino's D500 five-axis VMC and its PRO6 control (shown here) with SGI.5 software integrated with the seven-axis robot has virtually eliminated manual processes and cut downtime by 30 percent. Our extensive spare parts inventory and ability to reverse engineer allows us to offer the widest range of parts in the industry in the shortest time. TIPS . . . INSULATORS . . . VALVE PINS . . . HEATERS . . . T/C's . . . CUSTOM PARTS. Let PCT help you reduce your Hot Runner operating costs 1-908-281-0055 I I Spare Parts for All Hot Runner Brands ƒ

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