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Page 30 of 51 29 manufacturers, they each operate their businesses very differ- ently from one another and supply a diverse range of products to varying industries. The key to the success of this peer group is acknowledging that while many businesses share common struggles, each one uses a different approach to overcome them. This group provides an opportunity for a business to see a common challenge from a different perspective, which can help that business implement a successful solution. Putting Peer Networking to Work As the event coordinator for EAMA, it is my job to provide valuable learning opportunities to the members on a con- sistent basis. For example, EAMA hosts an event every other month that highlights a strength or challenge of a member company. The group holds shop tours, roundtables and even hires consultants to provide learning opportunities for mem- bers. These events offer convenient, insightful learning oppor- tunities within a ••-minute drive and in fewer than three hours. The conversations sparked at these events continue well beyond the tour. Members are constantly engaging outside of sponsored events to continue a conversation or to support each other in implementing a shared idea. One instance is a tour that EAMA member Unicorr Packaging Group hosted that focused on employee safety. Members learned how to develop a safety committee, set safety objec- tives and see the results in action. Unicorr also allowed time for attendees to chat with the safety committee about success- es, failures and best practices. Westminster Tool implemented its safety committee using the structure that Unicorr shared. Another recent event was a workforce-development, best- practices roundtable discussion on replacing an aging work- force, recruiting new talent and retaining existing talent. This event brought together a group of human resources profes- sionals who represented employee structures ranging from a ‚ƒ-person operation with one shift to companies with more than ‚ƒƒ employees operating three shifts. Westminster Tool walked away from this discussion with some actionable insight for reducing the time the interview process takes with each potential new hire. Westminster Tool learned that implementing a phone interview strategy as a „irst step in the interview process can help the company screen out candidates who may look good on paper but are not a „it for the organization. Westminster also learned how to access funds from the State of Connecticut's incentive pro- grams, which help manufacturers offset the cost of hiring new employees. One program offers as much as a $Š‚,•ƒƒ reim- bursement to help offset the cost of training. Now you may be thinking, How does my company get involved locally with an organization like EAMA? If you do not have the time or resources to start your own grassroots effort, join forces with other companies in your area. This does not have to be expensive. Ideas for getting started include joining a local chamber of commerce or business net- work or connecting with a business in your industrial park to take a tour. When you establish these relationships and begin to col- laborate, it's important to think less about what other com- panies make and instead focus on the processes that they use to run their organizations. As Edward Demming once said, "Eighty-„ive percent of the reasons for failure are de„iciencies in the systems and process rather than the employee. The role of management is to change the process rather than badger- ing individuals to do better." Collaborate with your peers to improve the processes of your business. FOR MORE INFORMATION Westminster Tool / 860-564-6966 / Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance / 860-859-4100 / Unicorr Packaging Group / 203-248-2161 / CONTRIBUTOR Kylee Carbone is the director of human development and marketing at Westminster Tool and a 2018 MoldMaking Technology EAB member. maintenance tracking MADE EASY. Drop-down Menus | Standardized Terms | Tech Tips Status Alerts | Powerful Reports | FREE TRIAL Simple-to-use maintenance software that gives you total mold control. NOW OFFERING: Mold maintenance training courses.

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