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NOV 2018

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Page 26 of 51 25 CONTRIBUTOR Barbara Schulz is Gardner Business Media's European correspondent. She can be reached at FOR MORE INFORMATION Deckerform / DMG MORI / Hermle Machine Co. / Kegelmann Technik / Reiden / Schweiger Formenbau / Technik has always been a partner for Hermle, rather than just a customer. "We have always pushed Hermle when we have had a new idea and wanted to try something new," Kegelmann says. "In ••••, for example, we suggested that Hermle get rid of the traditional t-slot tables and introduce zero-point clamping systems, which was something new at the time. Hermle always has been open to new ideas, and we often help them develop additional features and machine improvements. The working relationship between our companies is excellent." Recently, Kegelmann Technik rebuilt a whole automated cell with Evomecs, a modular-built, browser-based, integrated automation system for single-part and small-series production. "This cell integration was a ƒirst for Hermle, but we never had any problems. Hermle is a family business just like many of its small to medium-sized customers. There is a lot of trust and conƒidence," Kegelmann says. As a result, Kegelmann Technik operates six Hermle ƒive-axis machining centers, and all of them are automated and arranged in machining cells where a robot handles blanks and pallets for unmanned operation. Kegelmann believes that Hermle is the only option when it comes to milling, even if Hermle's machines come at a higher price tag than others. He says, "Our approach here is to stay on the leading edge of machining and manufacturing technologies." He says that Kegelmann Technik examines what the equipment costs over the span of its entire life and not just its initial cost. That includes expenses for mainte- nance, service and spare parts. "The more reliable a machine tool is, the less you spend on maintenance and service. However, if you need help, a machine-tool builder who builds reliable machines that rarely need unscheduled service can react quickly. That's important. No company can afford long machine downtimes."

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