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NOV 2018

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Page 22 of 51 21 arranged in a more work-cell-like layout to afford the tech- nician every chance to work more safely and eficiently. MoldTrax stays in touch with new products and designs new, hands-on training methods to equip its customers with the most current information and bench skills." Regarding safety, Die Sep's Louis Bowler emphasizes that by eliminating as much manual labor as possible from the mold-maintenance process, companies reduce the risk for worker injuries. He says that, historically, repair technicians have had no choice but to open molds with pry bars and cranes. When a mold is jammed because the parting line is not opening parallel, technicians resort to using house jacks or hydraulic jacks to force open the mold. "Nowadays, mold separators are available that use hydraulics to do the heavy work of open- ing, tipping and closing the mold, and they use mag- nets to mount the mold," he says. "Toolroom techni- cians do not have to contend with the labor or dangers of handling molds. Furthermore, the job is completed in a frac- tion of the time without the risk of damage to parting-line surfaces. Reducing or eliminating these battles when molds get jammed not only saves the technicians' wrists, elbows, shoulders and backs, it saves their attitude and improves morale in the tool room as well." Josh Kauzlarich, North America sales representative for Millutensil SRL (Milan, Italy), says that the company's line of machinery for molds and dies is multi-functional and can be used for mold cleaning and repair, spotting and validation. "The Millutensil system provides a safer way to handle, disas- semble and maintain dies and molds because it eliminates mold damage and potential safety risks that come from using traditional overhead cranes. Users can equip it with swivel and tilting plates, which provide more ergonomic access to each half of the mold without requiring the technician to remove it from the Millutensil press." MoldTrax's Steve Johnson sums it up when he says, "Maintenance is no longer an afterthought for companies but a necessity, along with more complete and accurate documentation for OEMs who demand better care for their molds." FOR MORE INFORMATION Cold Jet LLC / 513-831-3211 / Die Sep / 262-767-9751 / Millutensil SRL / +39-02-29404390- / Mold-Masters / Milacron / 800-387-2483 / MoldTrax / 419-281-0790 / Slide Products Inc. / 800-323-6433 / "Maintenance is no longer an afterthought for companies but a necessity." Not all CAM systems are created equal WorkNC is the closest system to "single button" programming and has several H\[VTH[PJ[VVSWH[O[`WLZ[VĂ„[`V\Y every need such as Roughing, Finishing, Optimization, Remachining, Contouring, Curve Machining and Hole Boring. WorkNC takes the guess work out of your cutter path generation because it's AUTOMATIC. Just enter a few basic parameters to get your job running and the automated CAM software takes care of the rest. WorkNC provides its own lightening fast graphic toolpath editor and generic post processor generator program. See for yourself how WorkNC can dramatically improve your THU\MHJ[\YPUNLJPLUJ` ^^^^VYRUJJVT Call us at 248-351-9300 or go to ^^^^VYRUJJVT[LZ[KYP]L

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