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Mold Maintenance & Repair 20 MoldMaking Technology —— NOVEMBER 2018 adopt the VOC standards that California has implemented, he says. "Slide Products has been focusing on developing and introducing new VOC-compliant chemical processing aids to help molders and moldmakers meet these new VOC limits without losing the needed functionality." Mold-Masters's Brian Finkel says that the company's repair facility has adopted new processes for cleaning and maintaining molds for customers, including a laser cleaner. "It removes rust, discoloration and burning from the part surface of the tool. It does this by removing one micron at a time. It will not remove the steel's surface. It only burns away the surface contaminants." Training, Data Collection and Safety Are Key MoldTrax's Steve Johnson says that many repair shops are not equipped for success through the application of today's cleaning technologies, like ultrasonics, dry ice, plastic media and laser blasting. "Shop designs and layouts need to be more conducive to mold size, mold pull pace and work flow through the shop," he says. "Benches and tools need to be Image courtesy of Die Sep. Every shop must take care to provide the proper tools to ensure that employees can perform mold-maintenance and repair actions safely and efficiently. Mold and die separators like the one shown here are multi- tasking machines that can open the mold halves and tip them so that the cleaning and repair of molds can be performed without ever leaving the machine. Some can also collect and store mold-maintenance data for later use. PINCH ME PINCH IT, TAP IT, SWIPE IT. INTRODUCING THE NEW M800 CONTROL FROM MITSUBISHI EDM Our new M800 control makes the industry's best Wire EDM the easiest to operate. Combined with a new advanced hand pendant, a 19 inch touch screen LCD and a new HFS circuit, the Mitsubishi MV series is the only EDM for your business. To schedule a test cut or a free machine demo, contact us today at 630-616-5751 or visit us at

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