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NOV 2018

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Page 14 of 51 13 How does your team work with customers, especially when a job could pose serious challenges? Baker: Every team member that we have is aware of the issues that our customers can have during the molding process, so we strive to eliminate those issues up front in the design phase. After collecting the part, material and press information, we invite customers to sit down and review the job before it is even quoted, which is not unusual but is critical when addressing complex parts. We then develop sketches with approaches to show the customer design options. In the process of doing that, the customer may make part changes to facilitate sim- plifying the mold or to facilitate better steel conditions, based on what we rec- ommend. We gather as much intel as we can so that we know what the molded part must do, we understand its critical-to-function features and then we work as a team to make it happen. We also offer customers •D models of the new designs that reflect the agreed-upon modi•ications. Upon customer approval, we manufacture the mold and sample it at our facility. Our customers are always invited to attend the sampling. If we are not running production for customers, we offer in-house preventive maintenance services and training for our customers' toolmakers, on complex, multi-action molds and particularly on PERC System molds, which can require extra care because of the unique drive train. Our customers spend tens of thou- sands of dollars on our molds. We want to ensure that their in-house mold technicians have the con•idence to properly assemble and disassemble the molds and that they know what to investigate. We also include a customized mold- maintenance guidebook to assist them in that task as well. It is just another way that we add value to our customer's bottom line. We manufacture molds that we would want to live with. We use quality mate- rials and the molds are designed and built using common sense. Customers, particularly the people who work directly with the mold, have told us time and again that they love our molds. Customers tell us that they steer complex jobs our way because they are con•ident that we will develop the best, most logical and cost-effective solution. B A Die Mold is known for its innovative part and mold designs. Pictured here are telescoping pins that are used to form a micro-sized, medical needle-hub part. The company redesigned the eight- cavity mold that another moldmaker built so that the B-side pin (on the right) telescoped inside the A-side pin to produce a fully round hole, eliminating imperfections and flash issues. For Sales and Support in North America contact: Call: 909.941.0600 V500 CZ THE AUTOMOTIVE RACEHORSE Î 6RIW%UDNLQJ Î ([WUHPHO\/RQJ6WURNH/HQJWKV$YDLODEOH Î 6SHHG3RUWV2QH0HWHU3HU6HFRQG7UDYHO Î &RPSDFWZ0XOWLSOH0RXQWLQJ2SWLRQV Get an extremely compact cylinder with the same speed as a much bigger one.

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