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12 MoldMaking Technology —— NOVEMBER 2018 Profile What other advantages does B A Die Mold offer customers? Baker: Besides the PERC System, we offer our customers the creativity that we have for solving problems. We are a small shop with huge capabilities. We specialize in doing what was formerly considered impossible. We love the "hero jobs," and I guess you could say that we are suckers for them because we welcome a challenge, large or small. For example, a customer had a part for a medical device in an eight-cavity mold that another moldmaker provided where two pins shut off end-to- end to produce a ‚.‚ƒ„-inch-diameter hole in the part. The pins were very small, and alignment was critical. The B-side pin's diameter was ‚.‚ƒ„ inch and the A-side pin's diameter was ‚.‚ˆ‰ inch. The part was molded between side actions and the A- and B-side core pins together formed a ‚.‚ƒ„-inch hole through the part. Because of misalignment and injec- tion pressure, the pins were shifting slightly—enough where the small B-side pin was not fully shutting off on the large pin, and the through-hole was not fully round. The customer could not get the pins to align in the existing mold, and the parts were flashing as a result. We had to ‹ind a way to solve the problem without interfering with the intended function of the part, which was the flow of IV fluids or blood to patients. We redesigned the mold so that the B-side pin telescoped inside or through the A-side pin to pro- duce the hole without flash and without any inconsistencies. We were successful and saved the customer thousands of dol- lars in repair and maintenance costs. B A Die Mold's patented PERC System eliminates the need for a rack and cylinder by integrating a servo-driven motor to rotate the core and enable the molding of an unlimited number of threads. The system does not use hydraulics, which makes the PERC System an option for cleanroom and FDA situa- tions. B A Die Mold builds and programs the PERC System's control cabinet (shown here), so it is ready to run at the user's facility. Customers can use one cabinet to control multiple molds. B A Die Mold says that the system itself requires little to no maintenance. (847) 310 9000 MoldMaker's Choice Simple Programming Flushing-Free EDM Zero-Wear Linear Drives

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