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8 MoldMaking Technology —— OCTOBER 2018 EAB Tim Krieger, MMT EAB member and owner of Krieger Craftsmen Inc. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, says that he has learned a lot from opening a new operation in Guadalajara, Mexico, and he shares some of those teachings here. Communications—It is not just the language barrier. My employees in Guadalajara all speak English, but at different levels. The internet in Mexico frequently goes down, making it necessary for me to •ind a reliable alternative, other than email, for communicating. WhatsApp Business is a secure tool used for international communications by North American businesses. It enables meetings through video chat, plus it is possible to send large •iles instantly. Opportunity—For many years, original equipment manufacturers have been developing business in Mexico to take advantage of lower-cost labor and to produce mass quantities of products. This is true not only in the automo- tive sector, but in all aspects of plastic-injection molding and assembly. Even though the current tariffs are being imposed and the trade wars are extremely relevant, there is a lot of opportunity for moldmaking in Mexico. The People of Mexico—The people in Mexico that I have met, employed and with whom I have engaged are world-class people. I have been honored to bring my Mexican employees (of which there are currently „… who are full-time) to my Grand Rapids, Michigan, shop for training. Additionally, I am sending my Grand Rapids employees to our shop in Guadalajara. Because of this cross training, we are bonding both personally and technologically, and our teams are talking to each other versus always looking to the boss for support. I have also found that networking for the purposes of •inding and attract- ing the right people to hire in Mexico is no different than it is here. Word-of- mouth advertising is good advertising, and we must offer competitive bene•its and a safe, clean working environment. Transportation and Border Concerns—We have learned to be careful when making promises to customers because clearing customs to ship mold components from the United States to Mexico does not always go smoothly. Sometimes we must go to extremes to get product over the border on time. For example, we bought a •irst-class plane ticket to make an emergency deliv- ery to the Texas border where my Mexican employees came over to take the replacement componentry personally through Customs. Similarly, purchas- ing equipment like micrometers and other tools and getting them through Customs and to the shop in Guadalajara has sometimes taken weeks. It took a month to deliver a welder. Establishing a Moldmaking Operation in Mexico Tim Krieger President Krieger Craftsmen Inc. Grand Rapids, Michigan 616-735-9200 EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD (EAB) The EAB enhances the standing of the publication and strengthens its professional integrity through the active involvement of its members. The Board represents all aspects of the mold manufacturing industry with a balance of moldmakers, molders, original equipment manufacturers and academia, and various moldmaking segments and job functions. A member is selected based on his or her experience and knowledge of the moldmaking industry to serve a three-year term. Kylee Carbone Director of Talent Development Westminster Tool Plainfield, Connecticut 860-564-6966, ext. 244 Will J. Cipkar Technical Sales Crest Mold Crest Thermal Technology (CTT) Division Ontario, Canada 519-737-1546, ext. 117 Andrew Garstkiewicz Senior Advanced Manufacturing Engineer GE Appliances, a Haier company Louisville, Kentucky 502-387-1259 Ryan Katen President and General Manager Micro Mold Company Inc. Erie, Pennsylvania 814-838-3404, ext. 238 Tim Krieger President Krieger Craftsmen Inc. Grand Rapids, Michigan 616-735-9200 Gabe Meldrum Plant Manager International Mold Corp. Clinton Township, Michigan 586-783-6890 Gerardo Miranda (Jerry) Global Tooling Manager Oakley Foothill Rand, California 949-900-7785 Francine Petrucci President BA Die Mold Aurora, Illinois 630-978-4747 Ryan Pohl Founder Praeco Skills LLC Grand Rapids, Michigan 616-951-2133 Rich Stueber Engineering Manager NyproMold Instructor, Lake County Community College Clinton, Massachusetts 847-855-2252

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