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6 MoldMaking Technology —— OCTOBER 2018 THIS MONTH ON From the Editor But, not in the creepy way that Carol Anne Freeling portrayed in the movie Poltergeist when her character is staring at the flickering light of a TV set in the dark, talking to ghosts. No, "they" are our next generation of moldmakers! They are €inally here, and not just a few—there are many. As I visited various shops over the past few years, I started to notice something that I was afraid might never happen: the average age of employees was dropping. I was starting to see both engineering and shop- floor personnel a lot younger than I expected. My €irst real clue that this was happening was a trip to Nypro and NyproMold in ‰Š to shoot the magazine's "MoldMaking Matters: Your Career Can Make a Difference" video that focused on a unique feeder system to attract and keep a young talent pool. Now, I hate to admit this, but if you were to have asked me just €ive years ago whether I thought that a younger generation would enter the moldmaking trade, I would clearly have said no. Keep in mind that when MoldMaking Technology started back in ", the average age of a mold- maker was Š•. Today, a handful of shops have an average age of ! The landscape is changing. Something is happening. All the efforts of this industry working within their communi- ties, schools and local governments are paying off. The industry is beginning to see the new face of moldmaking. So, although we spent a decent portion of this year focused on the past in cele- brating MoldMaking Technology's ‰-year anniversary, we are now committed to looking to the future, which prompted the launch of our —‰-Under-—‰ Honors program. This special feature on page acknowledges that the next generation is making its move into moldmaking and, more importantly, it recognizes —‰ individuals under —‰ years of age who were nominated by their employers and peers because of their commitment, work ethic and passion for the industry. This feature is only our €irst glimpse at this new face, and we are excited for what the future holds. If you have a —‰-Under-—‰ candidate in mind, you can nominate that person for MoldMaking Technology's continuing online coverage at—‰. "They're Here" All the efforts of this industry working within their communities, schools and local governments are paying off. The industry is beginning to see the new face of moldmaking. Christina M. Fuges Editorial Director SLIDESHOW: Innovation Abounds at NPE2018 Many U.S. moldmakers at NPE2018 chose to collaborate with supplier companies to exhibit their capabilities in multiple locations within the OCCC, while others simply brought their A-games to display in their own booths. Either way, innovative technologies and advancements abounded. BLOG: Mold Builder Becomes Road Warrior and Raises $15,000 for iWarriors Larry Patten of Nebraska-based Dramco Tool rode 10,000 miles across 26 states and raised more than $15,000 for iWarriors after setting what he thought was a reasonable goal of only $5,000! WEBINAR: Innovations in Metal 3D Printing: Machines, Processes and Applications EOS North America takes a closer look at the past, current and future status of DMLS. EOS North America's Manager of Research and Applications Development, Dr. Ankit Saharan, presents. This webinar takes place September 27, 2018 at 2 p.m. ET. VIDEO: Leadtime Leader Awards The industry recognizes excellence in mold manufacturing with MMT's Leadtime Leader Award. Check out this video and visit the Leadtime Leader Zone to read about past winners, check out the benefits and rewards, learn about the criteria, review the questionnaire, and nominate your shop today! Follow MMT on: Follow @ MMT_ChristinaF

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