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00 00 00 Great Tips from This Issue 5 TRICKS OF THE TRADE CONTENTS OCTOBER 2018 Volume 21 / Number 10 4 MoldMaking Technology —— OCTOBER 2018 Features 12 Workforce Development 30 Under 30: The New Face of Mold Manufacturing Young professionals are vital to the moldmaking industry, and it is important to acknowledge those making strides in shaping the industry's future. MoldMaking Technology is recognizing the industry's young talent through its inaugural -Under- Honors Program. 24 International Perspective Gaining a Foothold in the "Shangri-La" of Automakers In •••, German moldmaker Siebenwurst established a subsidiary company in Querétaro, Mexico. It not only provides support to other German companies in the region but also uses its extensive machine park to produce new molds for a growing customer base. ON THE COVER Image courtesy of Creative Technology Corp. This month's cover shows the under-30 team at A1 Tool. The company has been making superior quality tools for almost 75 years. Doing that consistently and reliably over so many decades requires constantly attracting and developing skilled talent. With its concentrated recruiting, training and employee perks, the company focuses on hiring and retaining millennials and grooming each one to be an expert machinist and tool- maker. A1 Tool employs 25 people (or 27 percent of its staff) who are under 30 and who are at various stages in their apprentice/training program. Pictured front to back, left to right: Rafal Kras, Gregory Zaucha, Geoff Luther (CEO and owner), Sarah Gravina, Analiza Mercado, Erick Venegas, Christopher Camey, Emanuel Cano, Alejandro Teran, Billy Jarrett, Andrew Johansen, Marko Rackovic, Christopher Palminteri, Andrew Clark, Israel Mendoza, Nilesh Lukose, Moises Soza, Pawel Luczak. Not pictured: Christopher Carrillo, Matthew Coffey, Zachary Devore, Angel Heredia, Julian Mendoza, Rodolfo Mendoza, Michael Pietrandoni and Adam Thorson. See the related story on page 12. 1. Eyeing Expansion Many U.S. shops are family-owned and built up to a certain level, and then they are looking for that next step and next evolution. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what that next step will be. PG. 10. 2. Boots on the Ground Experience is what counts when setting up shop in Mexico, especially in tool and mold assembly, which means it is incredibly important to take the time to train employees locally on-site. PG. 24. 3. All in One The all-in-one machining concept enables moldmakers to perform multiple operations with one setup, including deep-hole drilling, radial drilling, milling, tapping and boring. PG. 28. 4. Making It Work Thermocouple designs that are more maintenance- friendly route the thermo- couples outside the nozzle heaters, easing removal and installation. PG. 32. 5. Don't Mess with the Mesh Hexa-based runner mesh enables designers to attain required mesh layers with fewer mesh elements. PG. 48. 32 28 12 VIDEO ACCESS Departments 6 From the Editor: "They're Here" 8 2018 Editorial Advisory Board: Establishing a Moldmaking Operation in Mexico 10 Profile: Fairway Injection Molds Inc. 28 Case Study: Machining 32 Maintenance Matters: Manifolds: To PM or Not to PM, Part 3 36 The Bottom Line: New Rules on Bonus Depreciation 40 Gardner Business Index: Moldmaking 42 Product Focus: Hot Runners/Mold Components 48 TIP: Hot Runners Images courtesy of (left to right) Maximum Mold Group, Cheto Corp. S.A. and MoldTrax. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE AN MMT LEADTIME LEADER? See Ad on Inside Back Cover

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