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TIP 48 MoldMaking Technology —— OCTOBER 2018 How to Quickly Generate 3D Runner Mesh HOT RUNNERS By Cloud Tsai Three-dimensional runner mesh technology simulates illing behavior and temperature variation inside the runner, which helps analyze uneven temperature distribution that shear heat- ing and multi-cavity mold-flow imbalance induces. The mesh quality is essential for generating an accurate simulation. Designers using simulation software used to prepare the D pass curve with a •D cross-section mesh and then create •D runner mesh through sweep or other tools for solid mesh gen- eration. For simpler runner designs, the software advancements of today enable designers to semi-automatically generate •D runner mesh with wire frames and runner parameters like the diameter. These tools are essential in mold-illing simulation and will signiicantly affect the analysis results. However, more complicated runner designs require signii- cant time and effort to build models for numerous and sophis- ticated •D runner mesh. New mesh technology for high-quality runner models with hexa-based solid mesh, node types and node preview features can help designers quickly create runner models with •D mesh. Hexa-based runner mesh enables designers to attain required mesh layers with fewer elements. It is built with high-resolution and high-quality mesh and can also help reduce operation and analysis time. At the connection of the runner curves, node types auto- matically are provided based on the curve amount, angles and runner types. This new runner mesh technology provides a Image courtesy of Moldex3D. New hexa-based runner mesh requires fewer mesh elements and better mesh quality for more accurate analysis results. CONTRIBUTOR Cloud Tsai is the manager of the product R&D division at Moldex3D. FOR MORE INFORMATION Moldex3D, EPS FloTek / 888-Moldex3D / real-time node preview, so designers do not have to wait until the end of mesh generation. The runner mesh result will match the node setting perfectly without deformation. The software also generates a hexa-based mesh for common runner layouts and boundary-layer mesh for more complicated runner layouts. Users can choose common gate node types for mesh generation. High-speed, high-quality mesh technology automatically generates the high-resolution hexa-based mesh in which the mesh model perfectly matches the original runner design with high accuracy. Our extensive spare parts inventory and ability to reverse engineer allows us to offer the widest range of parts in the industry in the shortest time. TIPS . . . INSULATORS . . . VALVE PINS . . . HEATERS . . . T/C's . . . CUSTOM PARTS. Let PCT help you reduce your Hot Runner operating costs 1-908-281-0055 I I Spare Parts for All Hot Runner Brands ƒ

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