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Product Focus 42 MoldMaking Technology —— OCTOBER 2018 HOT RUNNERS/MOLD COMPONENTS MOLD POLISHING & REPAIR Providing the Latest Technology for Call or go online: 800.243.4466 • Ultrasonic Polishers • Micro-TIG Welders • Laser Welders • Diamond Abrasives • Finishing Stones • Mold Polishing Classes Valve Gate Actuators Built Without O-Rings to Withstand Wear Mold Hotrunner Solutions Inc. (MHS) expanded its line of cooling-free valve gate actuators to cover a full range of injection molding applications. MHS has expanded both product lines for the new inter- nally actuated Rheo-Pro iVG nozzles and the manifold mounted black box cylinders. MHS says that both product lines for the new internally actuated Rheo-Pro iVG nozzles and the manifold mounted Black Box cylinders have been expanded to bring their performance to plastic part applications of every size and for every industry. The products are built without o-rings entirely so that the products can withstand being worn out by force or heat, even at temperatures of 850°F. MHS says that because the pistons have no soft seals or lubrication, they require virtually no maintenance over the life of a mold. MHS - Mold Hotrunner Solutions / 905-873-1954 / Lifters Simplify Release of Small Undercuts in Molds Cumsa USA offers new lifters from the Smart Worm family for the release of small undercuts. The company says that this new component is ideal for releasing small undercuts and that it comes in two versions. Cumsa USA offers a simple version called the Smart Worm Pin (WP). It is capable of fitting small clips with short ejection strokes (ranging to 30 or 60 mm). Cumsa also offers the Smart Worm Lifter (WL), which is a long version to help simplify the release of small undercuts for large molds that require more ejection strokes (ranging to 125 mm). The Worm Lifter is compatible with Cumsa DR lifters. Cumsa USA offers both Smart Worms in different sizes. The Worm Pin comes in Ø6 and Ø8 mm and the Worm Lifter in Ø8 and Ø12 mm. Cumsa USA says that the advantage of the Smart Worms is that they do not need any mechanism in the ejector plates. Smart Worms have bendable cores that range to six degrees. The core makes it possible to release the undercuts simply by pushing up from the ejector plates. Cumsa USA / 248-850-8385 /

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