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Workforce Development 22 MoldMaking Technology —— OCTOBER 2018 Marshall has been with Maximum Mold for the past five years as a trained journeyman moldmaker. He shows leadership and compassion while sharing his determination, hard work, productivity and positive attitude. He never hesitates to take on a challenge or a difficult task. Marshall comes from a family of toolmakers. He has always had an interest in computers and technology while enjoying a challenge, so moldmaking was a perfect fit. Marshall began his apprenticeship in June 2013 at Max 3. He mastered all the required technical classes with above-average grades and ultimately completed his apprenticeship in May 2017. During his five years at Max 3, he has worked closely with other trained journeyman toolmakers, affording him the experience to complete new mold builds on his own. Marshall even took a leadership position on a time-sensitive project with high- level quality and quantity requirements. He completely machined 1,100 parts (in which two pieces were assembled into one unit with a total of 550 assemblies) from start to finish and managed the customer delivery in under two weeks. This project demonstrated Marshall's determination and competency to complete a difficult job, which required the skills for CNC setup and programing using both 2D and 3D data, running two or more machines simultaneously and managing continuous quality control and part inspection. Marshall also has the gift of creating a team-oriented mindset across the shop. He can "rally the troops" to complete a common goal. Marshall's hard work and "I'll- give-it-a-shot" attitude has paid off for the company and for his career. Tim completed his internship at NyproMold. He also has a long family history in the moldmaking and plastics industries. Burteck hired him as a project engineer immediately after he graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in electromechanical engineering. He began making an impact on the business immediately. Tim offers a unique perspective, and he maintains a level of maturity beyond his years. This has enabled him to mesh well with the team and gain the respect of his colleagues. Tim has worked on the mold-assembly benches alongside moldmakers, performed CNC programming with CNC specialists, acquired new skills running injection molding machines with process engineers and assisted program managers on highly technical development projects while demonstrating the necessary soft skills to deal effectively with customers. In every instance, Tim has added value and technical insight. For example, one of Tim's side projects was revamping the company website. His biggest achievement to date is acting as the project lead, managing the planning and execution for the company's NPE2018 booth. Tim understands that to be truly successful in this industry, he must have a combination of hands-on experience, critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence and long- term vision. Matt started with HTS International (HTS) in 2016, helping to open the company's first North American operations. A graduate of the University of Tennessee's mechanical engineering program, he was the first engineering hire at HTS, bringing CAD and FEA simulation experience to the team. Matt plays a leading role in driving customer success with new technology. He works as a project manager, managing conformal- cooling channel design, simulation and deliveries. His projects interface with several leading molding companies and original equipment manufacturers in the packaging and automotive sectors, including several members of the Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500. Matt's engineering background enables him to develop a simple, equation-based, steady-state simulation approach to conformal cooling analysis that cuts typical simulation time for customers from 25–30 hours for full, transient analysis, down to 5–10 minutes for a steady-state approach. This approach has resulted in faster decision- making analysis for customers, greatly speeding the timeline involved in conformal cooling design. HTS project managers work in a hybrid sales-engineering role in which Matt has flourished. Recruiting several key accounts, Matt has demonstrated sales prowess beyond his years. This has made a key impact for a company just getting started in the United States. Project management is not always easy. In the face of a critical mold build lead time in late 2017, Matt took a leading role in develop- ing solutions on a timeline that worked for the customer. This resulted in turning a sour experience into a positive one, earning the trust of a new user of conformal cooling. Marshall Collis (27) Moldmaker Maximum Mold/Max 3 LLC (Benton Harbor, Michigan) Matthew Graves (25) Project Manager HTS International (Knoxville, Tennessee) Timothy Baker (24) Project Engineer Burteck (Windsor, Connecticut)

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