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Workforce Development 16 MoldMaking Technology —— OCTOBER 2018 Brandon was hired at Franchino Mold in 2012 while attending the Manufacturing Engineering Technology/Design Associates program at Lansing Community College. He continued his studies while working full-time and completed the program in 2013. Brandon quickly took his school learning and applied it to his daily work and took the initiative to ask questions and learn the entire process of mold building beyond the scope of design. In addition to embracing knowledge beyond his job title, Brandon is always eager to help future designers and toolmakers and regularly volunteers to speak about the design process to students on tours from local-area talent centers. He took a leadership position to help his fellow designers with program-specific support and with computer support. Most recently, Brandon was asked to contribute to an in-house committee tasked with shaping the way that the design department uses and shares files within a network to reduce redundancy and increase uptime. Brandon regularly works overtime to meet customer expectations, possesses an excellent attendance record and refuses to shy away from a tough project. In short, Brandon finds a way to get things done and does it while creating productive working relationships with co-workers and customers. Brandon Schafer (29) Mold Designer Franchino Mold & Engineering (Lansing, Michigan) Jenny joined Concours Mold Inc. (Concours Mold) in 2012 with a strong work ethic and ambition but without moldmaking experience. She has worked her way up through several positions over the last six years. She started as an estimating administrator who received RFQs from the sales team and then organized and processed the information for quote completion by the tool estimator. Jenny also worked as a production control administrator. In that role, she presented design and customer requirement data to the management team to help organize team schedules to increase throughput and overall shopfloor capacity. She then advanced to program manager and was responsible for all direct customer contact from the design and manufacturing phases to tool shipment to the customer's production line. Today, Jenny is the program manager with added-account manager duties, including communicating and retrieving information from current and potential customers and providing quoting and negotiating requirements from the Concours Mold team to the customer. She learned and mastered every challenge along the way to her current position. Jenny is also taking extra courses at Atocrates/St. Clair College to earn her master's certificate in project management working toward a project management professional designation through the Project Management Institute. This program teaches students the skills and knowledge necessary to bring projects to completion on time, on budget and within the requirements. Along with her extraordinary work ethic, Jenny has brought great organizational and time-management skills to each of her roles at Concours Mold. Jenny Kotulak (29) Program/Account Manager Concours Mold Inc. (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) Chris accepted a position at Franchino Mold & Engineering (Franchino Mold) in 2014. He is one of the brightest stars in machining at the company. He has already proven himself to be a leader by furthering his education, taking on new projects and overseeing company initiatives involving long-time employees who are twice his age. Chris currently holds a general associate degree and is in pursuit of his manufacturing engineering technology degree from Lansing Community College. He is also earning his designation as a journeyman precision machinist. Chris is proficient in all phases of machining, including both horizontal and vertical machining. Franchino Mold trusts Chris to both program and run the most expensive and complex machines, which he does while mentoring younger employees. Chris works with multiple apprentices teaching the moldmaking process. Instead of simply showing them what to do when a problem arises, Chris teaches them to work the problem and find solutions. He focuses on both hard and soft skills. Most recently, he developed strategies for deploying a new five-axis machine with multiple heads, decreased programming and run times for his machine and increased machine use for his area. Chris was recently promoted to team leader, overseeing all horizontal machining. The team, team leaders, plant managers and executives respect Chris. His quiet, "can-do" attitude is an example to all those around him, which is why many apprentices seek out his guidance when they have questions. Franchino Mold says it is lucky to have Chris as an employee, not only for his machining skills but for his ability to guide future leaders in moldmaking as they work their way through school and through Franchino Mold's in-house apprenticeship program. Chris Cook (28) Machining Team Leader Franchino Mold & Engineering (Lansing, Michigan)

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