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Workforce Development 14 MoldMaking Technology —— OCTOBER 2018 Michael enrolled in the Apprenticeship 2000 program during his senior year in high school and has been with Ameritech Die & Mold (Ameritech) since 2007. He has worked extensively in each department. Mold assembly became his preferred work, which led him to the role of lead assembly technician in 2013. Michael quickly began making changes to improve work-flow efficiency in assembly. For example, he reorganized the assembly area with a cart system using multiple shelves for the BOM components for a new job, increasing work space. He set up cabinets and work benches for better tool storage and management. He also added a computer workstation with CAD to share the entire mold assembly with the team. Michael focused on continual improvement, which cut assembly time in half. He also is involved with the shop's apprenticeship program. He enjoys teaching and acts as a mentor to potential apprentices during a four-day evaluation workshop. Michael's training results in better-qualified apprentices entering the CNC department. Daniel started sweeping floors and emptying trash cans at Ameritech Die & Mold South (Ameritech South) after high school. Immediately, he interacted with coworkers, asking questions and showing a genuine excitement for the trade. Daniel pursued a college degree in the evenings while working as a general unskilled laborer at Ameritech South. After two years, he earned an associate degree in industrial management and received various accolades, including a NIMS Certificate, a Machining Certificate and an Entrepreneur Excellence award. Around the time of his college graduation, the shop needed to fill a position working with EDM machines, high-speed mills and CNC lathes. Daniel started working on the sinker EDM machine and quickly learned EDM theory and general machining principles. He then moved on to wire EDM. He also went back to college to earn a bachelor's degree in engineering technology. At the same time, Daniel moved to EDM electrode manufacturing and CAD/CAM. When Ameritech South moved locations, Daniel took over the EDM sinker cell, including a high-speed graphite mill, electrode handling robot, and a sinker EDM machine. He also ran a high-speed mill for finishing mold cavities and an older three-axis mill for basic component machining. Ameritech South says that Daniel has become an integral part of its shop. Ameritech South says that he is great to work with and always exhibits a calm demeanor with a smile and a high degree of personal integrity. He is always ready to jump in and help, no matter what the task is or how dirty the job. Plus, he constantly thinks outside the box when challenges arise. Mike started as an apprentice at Ameritech Die & Mold (Ameritech) in 2016, and although his experience in this industry is limited, his injection mold knowledge is typical of employees after four or five years. He has always been very inquisitive and never misses an opportunity to learn from his mentors. What stands out most about Mike is the level of responsibility that he has demonstrated. Between helping with younger siblings, completing his Eagle Scout award and working long hours in the assembly area, he always shows dedication to the task at hand. Over the past few months, Mike has continued to grow his capabilities by taking on a role in the EDM department. During this time, he has become proficient at using the wire EDM machine to burn pockets in workpieces that are typically 70 to 80 percent complete in the overall manufacturing process. Mike's attention to detail ensures that the job is completed promptly and without mistakes. He is passionate about learning every aspect of injection moldmaking, from the time he spends in assembly to speaking with processers during mold sampling. Mike desires to understand the whole picture and not just one area. His maturity and ambition are refreshing. Daniel Wolf (22) Machinist, Ameritech Die & Mold South (Ormond Beach, Florida) Michael Shinn (28) Lead Assembly Technician Ameritech Die & Mold (Mooresville, North Carolina) Mike Merzke (19) Moldmaker Apprentice Ameritech Die & Mold (Mooresville, North Carolina)

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