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C Product Focus 62 MoldMaking Technology —— SEPTEMBER 2018 September 10-15, 2018 / Chicago, IL Double-Sided Grinder Features Precise Pneumatic System Chevalier's FDG-700 double-sided grinding machine features the company's PC-based graphic control with a 10.4" touchscreen monitor for conversational graphic control operation. The machine also features a high-precision, digitally-con- trolled pneumatic system that automatically adjusts accord- ing to the selected pressure. The high-precision contact measuring system includes grinding height control and dressing monitoring. The machine is designed for mass production of small and medium-size workpieces that demand high precision and efficiency within a small footprint. The machine has been ergonomically designed for greater efficiency and productivity. A variable-speed spindle and a high-torque gearbox offer the flexibility to accommodate a variety of work- pieces. The machine is said to precisely grind crystals, ceramics, optical glass, semiconductors, tungsten carbide, metal and other hard and brittle materi- als with optimal surface finishes, flatness and parallelism with narrow tolerances. The machine features a wheel diameter of 27.5" and accommodates workpiece diameters ranging to 9.85", workpiece thickness ranging to 9.85", and load pressure ranging to 600 kPA. The grinder has upper and lower disc power of 7.5 hp with a speed of 125 rpm, and inner disc power of 7.5 hp with a speed of 75 rpm. Chevalier Machinery Inc., South, Level 3, Booth 339482 production. Let Thermal-Tech keep eep your Hot Runner & it clean, maintained and ready to run. We handle PM services front to back and accessory cooling plates in between! SERVICES MANIFOLD CLEANING EXTRUDE HONING HOT RUNNER CONTROLS HOT RUNNER REBUILDING ULTRASONIC CLEANING Chip Management Software Improves Tool Life, Accuracy Milltronics USA Inc.'s ChipBoss enables conversational program users to take advantage of trochoi- dal machining strategies, previously found only in CAM systems or high-end controls. The software uses proprietary algorithms to calculate tool paths and control maximum allowable cutter engage- ment. This enables the use of the whole length of a tool rather than just the tip so that profiles can be cut at full depth. This reduces the need to take multiple depth passes. The software works by automatically controlling the tool's chip load, keeping it constant, which improves cycle times, tool life and accuracy of parts. The software works to create a constant chip load, which results in smaller step overs and bigger depths of cut. In addition, it enables use of more of the tool's flute. This spreads the load, heat and wear over a larger area of the tool, increasing tool life. It also reduces the number of times a machine needs to accelerate and decelerate. The Rest Machining feature calculates areas to be machined and uses a smaller cutter to reach those areas, which saves more time. Milltronics USA Inc., South, Level 3, Booth 338329 Bridgeport V1320 Vertical Milling Center Reduces Vibration Hardinge's Bridgeport V1320 vertical milling center is an addition to the Bridgeport V-series vertical milling center line. The center is equipped with dual Y-axis ballscrews to improve surface quality, reduce vibration, provide acceleration, improve roundness accuracy and increase tool life. The center will also come equipped with the Mitsubishi M80, 15" screen. The M80 will come stan- dard with two 32 Gb SD card slots for memory expansion, USB running, touchscreen, high accuracy modes and super smooth surface software. The center will also have six linear guide trucks on the X and Z axis and rear chip evacuation. Hardinge, South, Level 3, Booth 338738

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