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SEPTEMBER 10-15, 2018 McCormick Place, Chicago IL Here is a sampling of what will be on display at this year's show. 52 MoldMaking Technology —— SEPTEMBER 2018 Product Focus Circle Segment End Mills Increase Material Removal Emuge Corp. has introduced circle segment cutters, a class of end mills designed to enable more material removal with fewer passes in five-axis machining. They are said to reduce cycle times by over 80 percent and to produce smoother surface finishes. The end mills are ideal for machining tur- bine blades, impellers and blisks, as well as in moldmaking applications. They feature unique forms with large radii in the cutting area of the mills, enabling a larger axial depth of cut during pre-finishing and finishing operations. The solid carbide end mills are offered in four geometries: barrel-shaped, oval form, taper form and lens-shaped. Oval and taper form mills are ideal for curved shapes such as blades or straight-walled pockets, freely engaging more of the cutting edge. Barrel mills provide effective flank milling to the sides of spiral grooves and similar applications, while lens-shaped mills are designed for narrow channels or in lands on molds. CAM software, such as the more recent versions of HyperMill or Mastercam, is required to support and compute the geometries of the end mills for maximum performance. Emuge Corp., West, Level 3 & Annex, Booth 431536 Data-Collecting Platforms Monitor Status, Recommend Maintenance FANUC America offers the FANUC Intelligent Edge Link and Drive (FIELD) system and the Robot LINKi Zero Down Time (ZDT) platform. The FIELD system collects machine data and monitors the operating status of manufacturing equipment in real time. Third-party application developers can create and sell FIELD applications that improve the efficiency of equipment, production throughput and process quality using an industrial API interface to access the data and perform analytics. The ZDT platform, a cloud-based solution available to manufacturers who purchase FANUC robots, offers predictive analytics that can prevent unex- pected downtime by identifying component failures in advance. It also recom- mends proper intervals for routine equipment maintenance activities. ZDT enables users to schedule regular production downtime for maintenance and mechanical hardware replacement. Users can also monitor the manufacturing process using a web portal, which provides a clear picture of device health, equipment usage and energy consumption. ZDT data can also help customers reduce overall life cycle costs, according to FANUC. The company estimates that ZDT has saved users over 1,300 hours of unexpected production interruptions. FANUC America, North, Level 3, Booth 236270, North Level 1, Booth 215605, South, Level 3, Booth 338919 Shop Control Software Suits Make-to-Order Manufacturers E2 Shop from Shoptech is a user-friendly shop control package available as an SaaS or on-site solution. The system is designed for job shops and make-to-order manufacturers that require customer-specific quoting and job orders, the ability to purchase material specific to jobs and inventory, and the flexibility for changing sched- ules. The system is available with Complete Accounting. It can interface with QuickBooks if needed. Shoptech Software Corp., East, Level 3, Booth 133252

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