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00 00 00 Great Tips from This Issue 5 TRICKS OF THE TRADE CONTENTS September 2018 Volume 21 / Number 9 4 MoldMaking Technology —— SEPTEMBER 2018 Features 14 Machining/EDM: Automation and Connectivity Are the Main Drivers of Machine-Tool Innovation Machine-tool and EDM suppliers are advancing their offerings to include automation, better controls, machine monitoring and new five-axis capabilities. 20 Software: Using Real-Time Production Data One approach to smart manufacturing is using a single, cloud-based tool for production scheduling, job tracking and CNC machine monitoring. 24 Additive Manufacturing Know What to Expect Before Starting with Additive Manufacturing Machine simulation can help to provide a clear picture of the additive manufacturing process from the first to the last step. 28 International Perspective: Standardized, Automated Processes Facilitate Leap to Industrial Moldmaking Germany-based moldmaker Hofmann successfully made the leap to industrial tool and moldmaking and capitalized on the possibilities that automation and standardization offer. 32 Amerimold Post Show Highlights: Scenes from Amerimold 2018 From technology demonstrations and tech talks to awards and arcade games, Amerimold had much to offer the industry this year. ON THE COVER Image courtesy of Heidenhain Corp. This month's cover shows an operator using a Heidenhain control. The Global Program settings in the Heidenhain TNC come into play particularly in large-scale moldmaking and are available in Program Run, MDI and Manual Operation modes. These modes can be used to define various coordinate transformations and settings as well as enable the operator to tilt the tools with an electronic handwheel to blend surfaces after a mold repair. These modes then act globally for the selected NC program without having to change the NC program for this purpose. See the related story on page 14. Images courtesy of (left to right) Autodesk, CGTech and Dramco Tool Co. Inc. 1. Messaging Madness It is difficult to find a young person who is motivated by the same things as a more experienced moldmaker, so it is time to change the message we use to recruit young people. PG. 8. 2. Smarty Pants Smart manufacturing offers the ability to monitor the status of job sheets and workstations, so users can see which machines are operating, which are idle or which are offline at a glance and then assign jobs. PG. 20. 3. Your Final Answer Simulation provides one final chance to review the "as-printed" design. If there is a question, you can revisit the build parameters. PG. 24. 4. Tinker Toys Automation means 24/7 operation and fewer operators, but the important thing is that you can achieve a much higher throughput because "you do not need to tinker with the process all the time." PG. 28. 5. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Mirror-edge geometry synchronizes the vibration of the end mill with the vibration of the mold. This synchronized movement eliminates the chatter, improving the finish. PG. 64. 40 24 20 VIDEO ACCESS Departments 6 From the Editor: Miles of Moldmaking 8 2018 Editorial Advisory Board: Recruiting Millennials 10 Profile: Zahoransky USA Inc. 40 Case Study: Mold Materials 44 The Bottom Line: Tax Reform Limits and Eliminates Popular Deductions 48 Gardner Business Index: Moldmaking 50 Industry Report: Automotive 52 Product Focus: IMTS 2018 Exhibitor Product Showcase 63 Ad Index 64 TIP: Cutting Tools

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