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Additive Manufacturing 26 MoldMaking Technology —— SEPTEMBER 2018 mystery. Simulation models for all major additive and hybrid machine tools usually are available. Just plug in your 3D model and some NC code to start kicking the tires. You can easily val- idate build speeds and machining capabilities before the first dollar of hard-earned cash ever leaves your checking account. Take that a step further. Say you have a new machine but are still grappling with how to quote additively produced molds and tooling. Simulation provides accurate cycle times, material statistics, power consumption and more while identifying potential problem areas. You can experiment with different production strate- gies and determine the best approach. That way, it is easier to determine which part features your shop should print and which part features your shop should machine. You can visualize and validate end-to-end all of the "hand-shakes" made along the entire manufacturing process, including steps like additive and subtractive processes, secondary machining and post-build fin- ishing, which possibly could help you avoid costly rework. Leaving Old School Ways Behind You may be thinking, Hold on. We have been doing this for 30 years. Our moldmaking techniques have been laboriously (and sometimes painfully) refined. Why would we upset our applecart by investing in a technology that is still rapidly evolving, is quite Simulation provides clear, unobstructed viewing of additive and subtrac- tive processes, enabling NC programmers to judge the quality and efficiency of their programmed paths while ensuring that no errors occur, like using a machine feedrate beyond the acceptable range for proper material deposition. expensive and for which very few people can operate and program the machinery? Similar questions were posed when the first paper-tape NC lathes and mills hit the showroom. Maybe you were not an early adopter back then either, but can you imagine a world without CNC machine tools now? The same will be said about additive manufacturing and probably much sooner than anyone can imagine. Those who can determine most quickly when and how to utilize this technology to make better parts, faster and at a lower cost will be the ones to define success. Machine simulation makes 3D printing on CNC additive and hybrid machines safer and much less scary. And, for those who are not afraid of anything, it makes the entire manufac- turing process, including auxiliary operations, far more effi- cient and profitable. You have come this far, so why not take the extra step? Get simulating. CONTRIBUTOR Gene Granata is Vericut product manager for CGTech. FOR MORE INFORMATION CGTech / 949-753-1050 ext. 224 / Those who can determine most quickly when and how to utilize this technology to make better parts, faster, and at a lower cost will be the ones to define success.

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