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Software 22 MoldMaking Technology —— SEPTEMBER 2018 Access across mobile devices helps operators stay up to date with the current schedule and their specific tasks when they are on the go. After a job runs, data about how it moved through produc- tion provides insight to which job instructions, job sheets and workstations produced the highest-quality mold tools. This kind of analysis could be vital to identifying the source of scrap, rework or other issues. More realistic time-to-market calculations could also improve the accuracy of quotes for similar jobs. It is also important to generate automatically a detailed product history that facilitates traceability as well as useful information on how your shop manufactured a mold. This could help your shop meet record-keeping requirements. Plus, capturing institutional knowledge about how to make specific parts can be useful if you need to program a similar job in the future. Making Multiple Decisions The realities of discrete manufacturing mean that each day involves multiple decisions. When unplanned machine down- time disrupts production, you ask yourself, Will it be more efficient to move the job or wait for a repair? How long will that repair take? If the repair is successful, how many more jobs can the shop take on today? This week? Typically, you must deal with these situations on the fly, choosing a course of action without the benefit of complete, accurate data from the workstations in question. It is not just in-progress data that is important, but also the data that lets you understand how your shop floor is performing and that helps incremental process improvement. For example, Shaping the future of EDM Made in U.S.A. It's Time to Make the Switch to Top Performing DS4 Ultra-Fine EDM Graphite Now, you've really got a choice in EDM graphite for your most challenging machining operations. Mersen's DS4, featuring the DarkStar ultra-fine carbon particle, is a proven winner that delivers unmatched EDM performance. It's time to start saving money in EDM… ask your EDM distributor for DS4! "Our detailed engraving of molds and stamping dies demands an EDM electrode that provides excellent durability and delivers sharp corners and fine quality. We switched from the leading ultra-fine EDM graphite to Mersen's DS4 and it really performs… and saved us money." – Bob Held Wisconsin Engraving

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