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Machining/EDM 18 MoldMaking Technology —— SEPTEMBER 2018 toolholders (like HSK and BigPlus) will also help our customers achieve better results," he says. Clare Welham, marketing coordinator for Schunk (Morrisville, North Carolina), also notes the increase in the use of higher-rpm spindles for moldmaking. She says that these spindles require machinists to think differently about how to make chips, so moldmakers are trying new approaches like chip-thinning tech- niques. "Schunk is addressing these challenges by using tool- holding systems that are capable of a high number of rotations per minute, that clamp the tool concentrically and are accurate, repeatable and balanced. They are also easy to use, thereby elimi- nating the guess work of precision toolholding. High-precision I/D and O/D workholding is capable of micron precision." Another advancement is intelligent toolholding systems with sensors that have the ability to communicate with the machine to make automatic adjustments when needed, she says. Likewise, Mickelson says that Methods Machine Tools Inc. supports customers by guiding them in choosing the best hold- ers, cutters, fixtures and programming techniques to achieve the highest part accuracy and finish. "Methods teaches the customer when to use five-axis and how to get the best finish and the most tool life using all the different techniques offered in the most popular software programs," he says. Additionally, Methods Machine Tools Inc. built a new tech center in Acton, Massachusetts, that features new materials testing, cutters testing, holders testing and so on. "All the latest products that come out will be tested here and shared with customers that purchase Methods machines." Cheto Corp. S.A.'s CEO Carlos Teixeira says that a new machine concept for small-size, deep-hole drilling with milling has recently been introduced. "We expect that with this new equipment, our clients' production planning and use of resourc- es will change because the machine will provide both deep-hole drilling and milling 'all in one' and will process the parts in a way that is simpler, faster and more accurate," he says. Likewise, Makino has introduced new machine tools with advanced features. "The machines will have an optimized foot- print, reducing floor-space requirements," Ey says. "They will come automation-ready and will have connectivity and smart sensors. They are equipped with the latest processing capabili- ties like collision safeguards to meet the agility and volumetric accuracy that is necessary for continuous five-axis cutting. Makino provides all of this to help increase its customers' competitiveness." Just as these suppliers are evolving technologies to meet the moldmaking industry's needs, the way that moldmakers are finding and partnering with suppliers, customers and other moldmakers is also evolving—digitally. One example is through (Chicago, Illinois), an internet resource for the CNC industry. President Brian J. Smith explains that if a compa- ny has a machine down and a deadline that it cannot miss, the company can confidentially find the right production partner to help meet the deadline. If a company has extra capacity and is looking to take on additional work, the company can access the platform and search for additional work within its area of exper- tise. "We are not a machine-tool builder, a technology integrator or even a software company but rather a technology platform that is focused on building industry partnerships and overall industry growth," Smith says. FOR MORE INFORMATION Cheto Corp. S.A. / 351-256-820-384 / Heidenhain Corp. / 847-490-1191 / Hurco Companies Inc. / 800-634-2416 / Makino / 800-552-3288 / Matsuura Machinery USA Inc. / 651-289-9700 / MC Machinery Systems Inc. / 630-616-5920 / Methods Machine Tools Inc. / 877-668-4262 / / 312-587-7699 / Schunk / 919-572-2705 / Smart Attend Inc. / 866-210-9630 / Sodick Inc. / 888-639-2325 / Unisig / 414-252-3802 / Designed to Spec. Built to Perfection. Order Custom Components from the Industry Experts. Contact us today for a hassle-free quote. No minimum requirements, quick turnaround! email: call: (800) 521-0546 High Quality Precision Over 50 years industry experience. Reliable, On-Time Delivery Lead times to meet your demands. Competitive Pricing Price points that meet your budget. Variety of Product Options Choose your products, materials, sizes, & coatings.

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