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Product Focus 70 MoldMaking Technology —— AUGUST 2018 Tiger·tec ® Gold Go for better, go for Gold. For those who won't settle for anything but the best: Tiger·tec ® Gold If you had to make a choice right now – between maximum tool life, uncompromising process reliability and optimum productivity – which one would you pick? Why not choose the freedom to never have to choose again. Stay true to your own high standards in every way. Choose Tiger·tec ® Gold. Robotic Drag Finisher Automates Cutting Tool Honing, Polishing Bel Air's AutoHone robotic reverse drag finisher improves cutting tool honing and polishing work- flow with very little operator involvement. The automated system achieves short cycle times and consistent results. In the reverse drag fin- ishing process, the machine quickly moves pro- cess media, producing a high-energy "wave" that streams across the workpiece. The machine's six-axis robotic arm enhances control and preci- sion over the workpiece's angle of introduction into the media. This results in complete, even and repeatable finishing processes. Bel Air Finishing Supply, North Level 3, Booth 237547 CAM Software Increases Cutter Life, Reduces Spotting Time CGS North America Inc. sells and supports Cam- Tool and CG Camtool for SolidWorks. Cam-Tool has been designed for the mold and die industry. CGS's surface-based CAM-calculation engine produces accurate NC data and makes the software useful in high-accuracy 3D machining. The benefits of accurate NC code include increased cutter life and improved surface finish and accuracy. These result in reduced spotting time. CGS North America Inc., East Level 3, Booth 133006 Industrial-Scale 3D Printer Facilitates Cost-Effective Production EOS North America's EOS P 500 3D printer is intended for laser sintering applications on an industrial scale. The printer is designed to produce high-quality, cost-effective polymer parts. Its software tools are intended for ease of use. The machine offers materials flexibility with operating temperatures as high as 300°C. Its modular design enables integration with future machine adaptions. EOS North America, West, Level 3 & Annex Booth 432007 September 10-15, 2018 / Chicago, IL

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