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Product Focus 64 MoldMaking Technology —— AUGUST 2018 © The helmet was programmed and produced by DAISHIN +++ Up to 90% time savings: hyperMILL ® MAXX Machining +++ CAM? Still satisfi ed? Explore the benefi ts of hyperMILL ® and switch to the CAM solution for all of your 2.5D, 3D, 5-axis, mill-turn, HSC and HPC requirements. EDM Provides Friction-Free, Accurate Column Movement MC Machinery's MV2400-ST EDM is designed for large-part production and is capable of performing submerged cutting as low as 16.5" deep. With an annealing length over 21", the machine can thread the maximum workpiece height both at the start point and through the gap for broken-wire recovery. The machine's linear shaft-motor drive and glass-scale feedback contribute to accurate, friction-fee column movement through the X and Y axes. The machine also features the Mitsubishi M800 series control with a 19" touch- screen, providing a user-friendly interface. The control uses rotational and tilting functionality while showing job- monitoring data in a single view. The navigation interface provides smooth job operation, enabling the quick and accurate completion of production jobs, according to the company. MC Machinery Systems Inc., South, Level 3, Booth 338158 End Mills Enable Trochoidal Milling, Fine Finishing YG-1 Tool Co. will display the V7PlusA series of end mills, which features four- and six-flute models, and the Titanox series, which offers four- and five-flute models that provide better performance in heavy cutting, trochoidal milling and fine finishing, according to the company. The six-flute models from the V7PlusA series offer improved cutting geom- etry, making them more applicable to trochoidal and peel milling. For heavier cuts, the four-flute models provide variable-helix and unequal pitch design, which helps to eliminate vibration. YG-1 Tool Co., West, Level 3, Booth 432442 September 10-15, 2018 / Chicago, IL

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