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60 MoldMaking Technology —— AUGUST 2018 Product Focus MAKE HARD EASY Making molds from hardened steels? Double your tool life with the Jabro JH112/ JH142. With a superior HXT coating and optimized cutting geometry, these end mills boost performance for unsurpassed efficiency, accuracy and throughput. Visit SECOLOCATOR.COM to find your local distributor and take the easy path to optimizing your hard milling. Deep Hole Drilling and Machining for Moldmakers Unisig will feature a custom machine from its R&D lab. The machine will dem- onstrate the extreme depth-to-diameter ratios possible with the latest control technologies. It possesses CNC motion control capabilities to produce accurate, off-center gundrilled holes. The company will also introduce its expanded line of deep hole drilling and machining centers designed for moldmakers. These machines complement the company's existing USC-M series of four- to seven- axis deep hole drilling and machining centers. Four-sided machining capability enables manufacturers to process large and small parts alike in a single setup. Unisig Deep Hole Drilling Systems, South Level 3, Booth 339159 Measuring Equipment Detects 3D Printing Defects Zeiss's optical 3D scanners, CT scanners, high-resolution X-ray microscopes and coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) detect 3D printing defects and downstream processing problems. The company's CT scanners enable users to check the interior structure of components and identify defects or dimen- sional errors. Optical and X-ray systems can be used to inspect outer and interior surfaces. The company's measuring equipment and scanners enable users to com- pare measurement data across all manufacturing steps. The equipment is meant to help companies quickly determine if downstream processes, such as heat treatment and removal of components from the build plate, affect a part's final dimensional characteristics. Zeiss IM & MIC, East, Level 3 Booths 135502, 215406, 215618

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