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00 00 00 Great Tips from This Issue 5 TRICKS OF THE TRADE CONTENTS August 2018 Volume 21 / Number 8┼ 4 MoldMaking Technology —— AUGUST 2018 Features 12 Machining: HMCs Are Not Just for Big Manufacturing Horizontal machining centers can help reduce the coolant, perishable cutting tools and labor costs associated with running a machining center in shops of any size. 18 Cutting Tools: Accuracy, Finish and Productivity Needs Drive Cutting-Tool Solutions Cutting-tool suppliers are using advanced coatings, new thread designs, education and collaboration to help moldmakers maximize results. 24 Hot Runners: Guidelines for Advanced Hot Runner Manifold Channel Design Recent simulation research highlights the difference between a drilled, straight manifold channel design and a curved channel design produced via additive manufacturing. 28 NPE Post Show Highlights: Moldmaking on Full Display at NPE2018 Collaboration and innovation is the name of the game as more than 60 North American mold builders showcased their capabilities in shared demonstrations across the show floor. 34 International Perspective: CT Scanning Accelerates Adjustments and Corrections on Injection Molds Industrial computed tomography scanning (CT scanning) is a quality- assurance technique making its way into mold shops for speedy adjust- ments and corrections on injection molds, but only if it is used correctly. ON THE COVER Image courtesy of Makino. TK Mold of Romeo, Michigan, changed from a traditional moldmaking approach to a more production-oriented method. The company no longer requires setup time for projects that results in spindle idle time that detracts from productivity. Moving to the Makino a61nx horizontal machining center that is featured on the cover, rather than to another vertical mill, the shop gained access to multiple-faces of complex molds in a single orientation. Now, gravity aids the flow of chips from the component, producing longer tool life and better surface finishes. The a61nx pallet changer makes it possible to set up the next project while running another job. Now, TK Mold spends more time machining and less time doing set-ups. See the related story on page 12. Images courtesy of (left to right) Tungaloy America Inc., Sodick Inc. and Surfacetec. 1. To the Max Refining indexable insert designs maximizes the number of cutting edges per insert, providing for maximum economy when roughing. PG. 18. 2. Hot News For multi-cavity molders, new production capabilities with metal additive manufacturing can enable the design of higher-density injection gates and simplify the manifold stack. PG. 24. 3. On the Line Some EDM machines use linear motors that run on magnetic plates versus ball screws for travel, which allow for faster travel speeds in the XYZ axes. PG. 38. 4. Don't Drag It Out Heating the manifold before the nozzles and bridge allows the manifold ports to slide more easily across the rear of the nozzles during expansion, minimizing drag. PG. 42. 5. It's the Pits The choice of aluminum for an anode assembly frame yields an even current distribution throughout the assembly, minimizing pitting in the plated surface. PG. 80. 80 38 18 VIDEO ACCESS Departments 6 From the Editor: Plan of Attack 8 2018 Editorial Advisory Board: Succession Planning 10 Profile: Burteck LLC 38 Case Study: EDM 42 Maintenance Matters: Manifolds: To PM or Not to PM, Part 2 46 The Bottom Line: Impact of Tax Reform on Capital Expenditures 50 Association Update: News and Reviews from Industry Organizations 52 Gardner Business Index: Moldmaking 54 Industry Report: Electronics 56 Product Focus: IMTS 2018 Exhibitor Product Showcase 80 TIP: Surface Treatment

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