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44 MoldMaking Technology —— AUGUST 2018 MAINTENANCE MATTERS CONTRIBUTOR Steve Johnson is president of MoldTrax, which provides specialized course work, hands-on bench training, maintenance software, maintenance products, toolroom design and maintenance-efficiency auditing. FOR MORE INFORMATION MoldTrax / / 419-281-0790 / another, causing uneven fill, shorts and long gates. Long gate is the number-two culprit for manifold disassem- bly and repair. Fixed-gate systems also suffer from long gate but for different reasons. Fixed gates rely on a proper Seventy-five percent of this mold's heaters stuck hard on the nozzles, even though technicians coated them with an anti-seize during the last PM. Removing these without damaging the heaters or thermocouples takes special tools and techniques. nozzle-tip configuration a relative distance to the gate and land area. Both systems require proper cooling and verification using timely flow-restriction analysis with a baseline water pressure versus a known gallons-per-minute (GPM) figure on all plates, cavities and cavity-gate inserts. From a maintenance standpoint, technicians need to con- centrate on more thoroughly controlling their part of the manifold-performance equation to reduce the amount and impact of environmental variables. This strategy will yield more accurate PM frequencies and instructions, improving manifold performance and defect consistency.

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