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Page 32 of 83 31 A Calframax dual-cavity, five-gallon container mold runs in the Krauss Maffei machine. For the first time, Calframax attended NPE with its very own booth, but more importantly, the company partnered with Krauss Maffei and BMB to display its technology for tools that make indus- trial pails in record speed. They ran two molds. One was a single-cavity, five-gal- lon container mold, while the second was a dual-cavity, five-gallon container mold. These two molds run 13 to 15 seconds per cycle, depending on the design of the pail and the speed of the injection press. This means that molders can make, on average, 26 percent more pails per year. These two molds gained quite a lot of attention, as current and potential cus- tomers were able to to see how much extra product Calframax could provide them per year without sacrificing quality. Westminster Tool and Maruka Toyo have been strategic partners since 2009 when Westminster Tool opened its technology center. Maruka Toyo was an integral part in support- ing Westminster's launch of an internal mold- qualification center complete with three Toyo— presses (110-, 150- and a 300-ton). In exchange for its support, Maruka gained a local New England facility to provide product demonstra- tions and training for customers. Westminster Tool was located in the Maruka Toyo booth at NPE2018 where it ran a development tool for a medical, drug-delivery safety cap. The chal- lenge of the safety-cap customer was to build a development tool that would directly demon- strate and replicate a production environment. The customer needed this to determine which tolerances could be held and ensure that the tool would survive the duration of develop- ment cycles. Typical prototype tools do not exceed a few thousand cycles, versus a Class 101, which is guaranteed to run one million cycles. Westminster Tool addressed the challenge by providing the customer a Class 101 tool, which featured a hot runner system, valve gate and stripper plate with bypass shutoffs. Westminster Tool was represented in the Maruka Toyo booth at NPE2018 where Westminster Tool ran a development tool for this medical, drug-delivery safety cap.

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